Friday, January 3, 2014

Goodbye 2013 .... HELLO 2014 + GIVEAWAY!!!

What a year it has been! Lots of highs, and a few lows ... but altogether a great year!

I want to share with you my upcoming goals for this year, 
& then finish up with what I learned last year!

My word for this year is:

I think as a mom, worry is part of our job description. 
Most of my unhappiness comes from worrying! 

Are my kids learning enough? 
Eating healthy enough? 
Having enough fun? 
Am I a good enough wife?
Is my house clean enough? 
Am I a good enough friend?
Am I becoming who my Heavenly Father wants me to be? 
Am I spiritual enough? 
Am I skinny enough?

(i know you have asked a few of these questions yourself!)

I don't know about you, but I need to remember that 
This doesn't mean that I don't need to make goals, or have self improvement.
But honestly, I spend most of my time beating myself up and not living ... just worrying!

So this year ... Here are my goals to 

Live my life, and be happier! 

** Choose to live each day in the now & 
quit worrying so much of what is going to happen in the future!

** Set my mind to what I want to do, and do it ... 
don't let the task stress you out until it is too late to get it done!

“There are many wonderful things that 
will never be done if you do not do them.” – Charles D. Gill

** Remember how blessed I am, and that things are just things!
Happiness comes in LIVING the life you always dreamed about.

"The key to having it all is believing you already do!"

One of the ways that I track my goals is by using this AWESOME planner!
I love it because it is small and easy to use. It has months by calendar and by date. It has small sheet protectors to put photos and memorabilia throughout the year!
I have been using this now for 5 years, and it is still my favorite way to track my life and memories!

Now for the exciting part:

Perannum has been so gracious to donate 3 of these amazing planners to give away to 
3 of my blog readers!!
Leave a comment with a goal of what you would like to accomplish this year
along with your email address (only so I can contact you if you win).
!inners will be picked at random on January 8! Good luck!!

Check out some of the ways I have used mybook in the past by clicking here
(to purchase your own planner click here)

Last year, Studio 5 challenged me to create a word for the year. I chose:

I decided to:

** I set aside unimportant tasks and played with my kids more!

We got Ice Cream sundaes in the middle of the day for no reason. We went swimming, got snowcones,  read books together, grew a garden, went on field trips. I feel like I spent more time focusing on my boys this year than I have in years past ... and to be honest, I ENJOYED being a mom more this year!

** made time for projects important to me rather than making them another stress!

Studio 5 gave me more freedom to do projects I wanted to do, rather than just assigning me a topic. I enjoyed my work and being creative in my work. I did projects because I wanted to, and not because I was trying to impress someone. 

** loving every moment I can spend with my family

I can't say every moment is loved ... especially with a screaming 5 & 4 year old in the background. But I tried to make more time to love being with them! Adam and I went to Cancun in September. I call this Marriage insurance. It was so great to just be with my man and remember all the things I absolutely love about him!

** focus my attention on the things people in my life to right, rather than what they do wrong.

I still am working on this, but I tried more to give people the benefit of the doubt. To let go of things that I can't control about others, and to find the good. It did me well!

As I mentioned in a post before, our family had some things happen this year that I wasn't ready to share with the public, and I am still a little reluctant to talk about it in full detail. But I want you to know that even through my emotions ... I ENJOYED getting to know one of the greatest families that I believe I will ever get the opportunity of rubbing shoulders with. They are the most selfless, caring, and Christlike people I have ever met. In the situation, they were hoping to place their little angel in our family, and because of circumstances that were beyond both of our control, we were unable to place the child in our home. I am lucky to have an understanding of God's plan. He is aware of our situation. He is aware of our wants and desires. As much as I don't understand it all, I know someday I will get to see the whole picture. 

To this wonderful family who I am honored to know, THANK YOU for all you have taught me in the last few months, and allowing our family to be part of yours for a few moments. 2013 will be one year we will always hold deep to our hearts, because you were the first ones to take a chance on us, Quirks and all :) We love you!

Thank you 2013 for a great year ... and an even better 2014!


Ryan & Shambray said...

What a fabulous giveaway! This year my word is Happy (happiness)! I choose it because this year I am doing my own Happiness Project since I just read "The Happiness Project". That book changed my life and outlook on a lot of things. So this year to sum it up in a few words I am going to strive to be happier! My email address is Thank you for the chance to win!


Meredith L said...

I just read the book the last best cure and plan to be healthier and find joy in my life. Thanks for the chance to win.

Meredith245 at yahoo dot com

Angie Center said...

My word for this year is TRUST. I want to trust in my Heavenly Father more, trust in others and their good intentions and trust in myself that I am on the right path and doing good things.

My family had a similar experience to yours about 20 years ago. The miracle did come though and I finally got the sister I had prayed for all my life. Never stop believing! Your miracle will come.

Thanks for sharing on your blog and on Studio 5. I wish we could meet in person. :)

Angie - in Ohio at hotmail dot com

Beaner said...

My goal this year is to complete my first year of Law School and realize how blessed I am for having the opportunity to obtain a higher education.

cyndi-lou-who:. said...

We have a small list of goals to ficus on this year in my little family. Most of them have to do with being more organized in different areas and becoming better.

Anonymous said...

Such a good post. I deliberately did less outside stuff last year and more at home being present with my little family and found it so gratifying--reminds me of your December. This next hear my word is refine--to do and become the best I can. Thank you for your great blog and take care!

Sesil Cratin said...

I love that planner. I can not find it anywhere . I would love a chance for the giveaway. My word is change. I am going to change my attitude on my appearance. I am going to make a change for the best. Thank you