Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Traditions from the Douglass'

More has gone on in the last month, than I really am ready to share publicly. 
I have chosen to re-evaluate things, and ENJOY the season with my boys.
I decided not to focus on things that, lets all admit, are somewhat trivial ... THERE I said it!
(Christmas Cards, Neighborhood Gifts, Pinterest projects, etc.) 
I chose not to do segments for Studio 5 this month, and all of my freelance work has been set aside. 
I decided I was going to try find Joy that inwardly wasn't there a few weeks ago ...
and guess what, I FOUND IT!

I am always one to design my Christmas Card in November, search out a unique idea for
neighborhood gifts weeks before Christmas, be organized and on top of my Christmas lists. 
This year I set it all aside. 

Instead I have actually watched Christmas movies 
(instead of working on my laptop while the family enjoys movies in the background).
 I have taken my boys sledding on days when I had piles of laundry. 
I made cookies and treats because I wanted to, 
& not because there was some pressure from some Christmas celebration. 
I have focused on bringing Christmas magic to my 5 & 4 year old, 
because lets face it ... this stage only lasts but a few short years. 

I don't write this to show what an awesome mom I am trying to be, or to show you what things you aren't doing, I am in an effort trying to show that enjoying the season is most important!

In an effort to remove the terrible struggle I have felt inside the last few weeks, I have gotten outside myself. I have found the joy in serving my family and enjoying the true Christmas Spirit. I have focused on reading the scriptures everyday and studying them. I have tried to run on my treadmill, even if it was for 15 minutes a few times a weeks ... and I have to say it has been one of the most enjoyable Christmas seasons I have had in a number of years. I put the most important things first, and now I am catching up on those things that should come second, and I AM NOT STRESSED ABOUT IT!

Traditions are important to me.
Christmas Cards are important to me.
Gift Giving is important to me,
and I can promise you that it doesn't matter when they happen in December, 
or if if they happen in January ... keeping the tradition alive is what matters.
But STRESSING about it takes away from the season! 

This year I have teamed up with PEARTREEGREETINGS.COM to design a simple, easy to design, and unique Christmas Card. It has taken a tremendous amount of stress off my plate!
We didn't get a family photo taken this year, and so we decided to use some snapshots / instagram photos to show what we have been up to! 

peartreegreetings.com has darling templates to help you out! Here are a few of my favorites!

They have lots of options for Holiday, Christmas, and New Years that are quick and easy to put together!
+ They will give you $20 off your first order of $40 or more if you follow the link below!!
Click HERE to find one for your holiday card this year! **

My Christmas Card probably won't be here for another couple of days, but if it goes out at some point between now and January ... then sending our a card was a SUCCESS this year! 
No one said I had to have my Christmas Cards out by December 1st!
I love to find something to create that is unique ... not the typical gift ... and I feel like I have accomplished that in years past! I thought I would make it a little easier on this year with some ideas and also some tags to make it that much easier on you!

Christmas Potpourri in a Jar!

This tag can be yours for only $2 in my STORE!
PDF is ready to print 6 Tags on one 8.5" x 11" sheet (front & back) and 15 Red toppers for the Jars!
I purposely made the back side black and white to be more cost effective when printing!

I have a few more Neighborhood Gift ideas for you ... so watch in the next few days for ideas and coordinating tags to follow!

Hope you are ENJOYING your holiday season, and if you aren't ... set all your stresses aside and go do something fun for heavens sake!!

** Pear tree greetings is a sponsor on my blog. 
They did not pay me to advertise for them, however gave me credit toward my Christmas Cards for telling about their products. 
All opinions are truthful and are my own. 


The Snell Family said...

What is in the Christmas Potpourri in a Jar? DO you get the instructions to make it when you purchase the tags?

Douglass Family said...

Here is a link for how to do the Christmas Potpourri!

Simply Slice a lemon, and an orange. Put in Cinnamon Sticks (Cheapest at Winco in the bulk section) cloves and fresh cranberries. Stuff a pint sized jar, and fill the empty spaces with water. Place lid on, and deliver. Since this is something you will use during the holidays, you won't seal the lid. Hope that helps :)

Douglass Family said...
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Pear Tree Greetings said...

Your holiday cards turned out great, Mandy! Completely agree on not stressing about the holidays and just enjoying them with family. Have a wonderful New Year! -Dani