Thursday, May 17, 2012


This announcement is one I have been contemplaing to share with my blog readers for a few months now. I decided that I would wait until all of our paperwork was finished to tell you!

Adam & I have been contemplating, praying, wondering if we should bring another child into our family. The doctors have told us, absolutely no more kids on our own. It could be very devastating to both me and the child if I were to bear another kiddo.

After a few years of thought, and 6 months of paperwork, we found out last night that we are approved to ADOPT!! We couldn't be anymore thrilled, excited, scared ... but mostly excited!!

We could not think of a better thing that to adopt a child whom we would love more than you can know! Bryson & Chad keep telling everyone we see that we are going to have a baby! (of course then I get a surprised and happy look on the faces of strangers ... then having to explain we are adopting!!

Please pass this link along to anyone you know that is looking for a wonderful family to place their child into. Click HERE and HERE to find out more about our family. Email us at!

NOW onto another fun segment on Studio 5

This segment I have had a BLAST preparing! It was all about an "S" is for summer party! It was awesome to see it all come together as a REAL party! Yellow balloons (found at PIONEER PARTY in Lehi Utah) & Fun printables that you can download here to direct the kids to each event.

We started off the segment by a HUGE party that we chose to do for the segment with the teens in my neighborhood! The kids had a so much fun running through a “Welcome to Summer Sign”!
The sign you see was printed by Alphagraphics in Lehi, Utah ... but for those of you who aren't in Utah or near an Alphagraphics location, CLICK HERE for the Welcome to Summer poster file! (Tip ... Color costs quite a big, so print it in black and white if you are looking to cut costs!)

Next was a SUPER big Slip n' Slide!
Isn't this just AWESOME!! It is actually 3 billboard signs put together. My neighbors do this multiple times each summer for the kids in the neighborhood and they just love it. If you can't find a billboard company that won't sell you one (Don't try Regan ... they don't sell them) grab some Painters plastic at your local hardware store! It works great too!

Smaller scale tip, find a cheap slip and slide to do in the back yard! You can find great deals on them this time of year, and the kids LOVE them!

Water balloon Pinata, which would be our SPLASH station!
I took regular sized round balloons, filled them up with water, and tied them to a rope that was hung between two trees. The kids grabbed a plastic bat and swung as hard as they could! Believe it or not, there were some serious baseball players that couldn't break them! It was unbelievable! When they finally did break, you can notice that the "Splash" was an understatement!!

Work it BABY Work it at the SNAPSHOT booth!
Kids love to have their pictures taken, and what a great occasion to get pictures of all the kids and their friends at the end of the year! Check out these DARLING props you can download HERE at

No summer party is complete without SNOWCONES!

All the teens loved this! We rented the Snow cone machine from PARTY LAND in Lehi. It is $50 for the day, (not including your cups, straws, & syrup). It was the hit of the neighborhood, and we even caught a few adults loving them too!

Smaller Party?? Maybe try an Ice Cream Sundae bar! I found this one on Martha Stewart! Click here to read more!

We couldn't get away without those darling stripy straws that you can also get at Pioneer Party. The little slurp circles give the perfect added decorating touch. Download them with the rest of the printables listed above.

For a little bit Smaller Scale Party, have a booth to make SANDALS!!

I would keep it easy and just to a cute silk flower with a gem in the middle, but if you have the energy, check out these cute flip flops I found!
This one is in Norwegian however you can get the idea from pictures!

And last but not least ... A Box of Sunshine! 
(Picture coming with link to segment on Studio 5)

Put in your box: Sunkist, Sunglasses, Sidewalk Chalk, Lemon Drops, Starburst, Sodapop Bubbles, Sunscreen, etc. etc! Anything that is yellow or starts is "S"
You can download the printable HERE

Thank you so much to the Teen's in our neighborhood for being such troopers and coming to my fun Summer Party. It was so much fun!

Please comment or email me if you have any questions!


Angela said...

Good luck as you start the adoption road. We have four kids, 2 are adopted. It is a crazy ride, but so worth it.

Your party ideas are adorable! I want to throw a summer party now.

Unknown said...

Adoption is amazing and can bring so much joy! So glad you and your family have felt peace in making this decision. My daugther is adopted and I have 5 nieces and nephews who are as well. It can make families!

Awesome job on Studio 5, I always love when you are on and maybe one of these days we can meet up there.

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