Thursday, January 24, 2013

GIVEAWAY & Studio 5 Organizing LOVE

I don't know if you live in Utah, but today's weather was CRAZY this morning. It usually takes me about 40 minutes to make it to KSL, but today it took me an hour and a half! WHEW!
Glad I left early!!!

Here is what this blog post is about in a nut-shell!
1. The segment you can watch
2. The amazing people who made the segment happen
3. An amazing giveaway to a lucky blog reader (if you already entered on my last post ... you're counted!)
4. Details I didn't have time to or wasn't able to share on the segment

I have to first mention my amazing Sponsor VALSHI for this darling outfit!
 They have the cutest maxi skirts, and shirts! Honestly my go to place for clothing!!

** Valshi does not ask me to endorse their products. All opinions are honest from me!

Next, I have to make mention of this book that I made from Stampin' Up! 

They were so amazing to work with to make sure I had this book for the segment today. Something you didn't get to see on the segment is that this book is a board book ... you know, like the ones you buy your toddlers! The pages are SUPER thick, so I don't have to worry about my kids ruining it!

Check out this awesome little slideshow you can also make with the software. 
Isn't it great so I can show you all the pages!

Now I know you are just dying to make one! 

If you love the template ... here is how you can make one of your own.
1. Got to (click on products)
2. Download the MDS2 Software for 30 days for free!
3. Purchase the Template using preferred pricing here

Please email me if you have any questions!
** Again, I don't get paid, nor do I work for Stampin' Up! 
All opinions expressed are genuinely my own!

I have to mention again the MYBOOK Daily planners. 
Here is the story of how I started using this!
Way back in the day when I worked for Creating Keepsakes ... numerous companies sent me products to try out. It was super fun. I was sent one of these books to try out and I was immediately hooked! I now have used it for 4 years! I promised a reveal of my 2012 ... and I want to tell you that it is super simple. Not a lot of gushy products (however the darling products I used are from Bella Blvd!)

It has a monthly calendar, and also breaks down each day with lines to record events. I started to record a few things here and there, Dr. Appointments, etc. then I started to write on the following empty sheets of journaling space details about things that month. It has been an awesome exercise for me! 

First is the cover. Each book comes with see-through covers and archival pockets at the front of each month.
I chose to make a little bullet list to tell the main events in my life from that month for the title page of each month. Each month is exactly the same. 
I use the opposite side of the sheet protector to display a picture of me in that month. (It has been difficult, seeing that I take most of the pictures in our family. 
Last, each night I take a minute and record with bullets the happenings of each day.
Following that, you have either the dates with lines and a few journaling pages of blank lines to record in better detail, some of the main events, or happenings from this month. 

I have loved this so much, that I decided to see if the makers of this AWESOME planner / journal would be willing to do a giveaway! They have been so generous, and I will be giving away 2! Be sure to leave a comment with your email address so I can send you one! 
(your email is only used for contest purposes!) 

If you don't by chance win one of the planners, be sure to use the coupon code 
You can use coupon code MD25 for 25% Off + Free Shipping

THE DETAILS of the segment!!!

I am not going to pretend. I don't magically get all of this organization done the minute the year is over. However it does get done when you work at it a little at a time. Here is some advice, tips, and real life explanations of how you can accomplish your photo organization!

GET RID OF THE GUILT that your photos aren't organized. 
This process I have been working on for years! Just start now!

Here is a link to how you can organize your photos onto disks and your hard drive! This is a bit more in depth and detailed than on the show today!

If you want to do a family photobook ... start now with 2013! Don't start with 2005 ... just go forward and then if you get one done, then go backward!  
This photobook with close to 600 photos I use will not be done in a day, or even a week ... so just take your time. There are a lot of memories to record and enjoy the journey!

Some darling digital scrapbooking products you can find here at AC Digitals. This is how I am going to do mine for this upcoming year. I can't wait to show you the progress throughout the year! 
Or darling templates through Shutterfly like I mentioned on my segment.
My sister did a very simple book without any decorative patterns through Apple and LOVED it! Just do what is easiest for you!

 Just do what you can as you go. I like to work on my laptop, while watching my favorite sitcoms at night and after the kids have gone to bed ... with a bowl of ice cream and some popcorn. Make it a party!

Enjoy the journey, don't let it stress you out! This year on my photo planner, I have been writing down the things I have enjoyed each day. It is making me happier, and helps me try to find something every day to smile about. 

Please email me about any questions you might have ... I would love to hear from you about anything that you are worried about, as well as additional tips you would like to share with me!

Last, don't forget to enter the giveaway by putting your name and email in the comments!


Luatua's said...

I just saw your segment on studio 5 and loved it!

Susie(Abby)Gilson said...

Thanks for the great ideas!

Rob and Heather said...

Love your photos burned onto dvds.

Anonymous said...

Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!
I have been looking for the perfect planner & I think I found it today watching you on Studio 5! Thanks for all the great memory keeping tips! I do Project 365/Project Life every year! So your ideas will help!

Lisa said...

I love all your ideas. I have been looking for new ways to save my memories and organize photos. Thanks for all the great tips.

Megan said...

I have been following your blog for 2 years almost and I love all your ideas! I live in Michigan now but I was born and raised in Utah. I miss those mountains and the crisp air.

Love this planner! I have little ones so I need all the help I can get remembering good (and not so good!) times!

Thanks Mandy!

Megan Dowell

Joey said...

Wow! I just happened to watch Studio 5 today because outside was too icy and I loved your segment! It was soo helpful to know that I can organize our family's memories and it can be fun. The planner is such a great idea and looks like a lot of fun. It also would help remind me to be included in pictures. Thanks again!


RMF said...

rachelle (dot) monae (at) gmail (dot) com

Hopefully that doesn't lend me to spam mail!
I loved your segment and would love to know what printer you use for your DVD printing.

Emily Miner said...

Mandy, I love turning on Studio 5 and seeing you there, it was such a surprise to see you today. I LOVED your segment, crossing fingers I win that awesome calendar;)

Stephanie and Justin said...

Loved your segment today. I would love to win.

Michelle said...

I've always loved your blog and all of your organizing ideas! You inspire me :)

The Melville's said...

Great job Mandy! Loved it!

Kristy said...

Great ideas!

theyarnqueen said...

Loved your segment especially the planner book.

Becky said...

Love your ideas..makes me feel motivated to get organized.

twinsontherun said...

I'd love this! I currently use post it notes to keep track of my daily life and its not very useful or organized!Dee,

Nathan and Heidi said...

Your Studio 5 segments are my fav!!!

Heidi Rich

The Dutton's said...

Thanks for the great ideas! LOVE the m(eye) journal! Thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

U r so cute and creative! I'm amazed at all you do. I looked back and read about everything that transpired in 2009; I had no idea and I'm sorry I didn't say anything when I saw . I hope it is all getting better? Certainly not worse!
So I saw your cute party thing last summer and loved it, and then saw u on this one. I LOVE your ideas! I don't know how u keep up w it all, but I love it! When do u burn all your discs, type up your monthly journal stuff to print for your cute journal? I was also wondering what software u use to design all of your cute patterns n things? Man, I need a personal class from u girl. :) oh yeah, and what printer do u use? Thnx Chica, hope u r well!