Thursday, January 9, 2014

Planner Giveaway!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment. It seems like there are less people commenting these days on blogs. I am totally guilty of it ... however those who were sweet enough to leave a comment will be rewarded for their great New Years goals! And the winners are:

Sesil Cratin
I love that planner. I can not find it anywhere . I would love a chance for the giveaway. My word is change. I am going to change my attitude on my appearance. I am going to make a change for the best. Thank you

Angie Center

My word for this year is TRUST. I want to trust in my Heavenly Father more, trust in others and their good intentions and trust in myself that I am on the right path and doing good things. 

My family had a similar experience to yours about 20 years ago. The miracle did come though and I finally got the sister I had prayed for all my life. Never stop believing! Your miracle will come.Thanks for sharing on your blog and on Studio 5. I wish we could meet in person. :)

Kat Seamons
(Instagram follower who had a hard time commenting on my blog)
I need one of these ... they look awesome:)


And be sure to look for more giveaways and projects I am too lazy to post to my blog by following me on Instagram! Happy New Year!!

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Sesil Cratin said...

Thank you so much. I am sooooo excited