Monday, September 9, 2013

The Ultimate BYU vs U of U Rivalry Party ... Week roundup!!

Usually when I prepare a segment for Studio 5, I post a big HUGE long post about all the details following the segment. Rather than give you an overload this time, and because the big game isn't until September 21, I thought I would break it up and reveal my segment details each day this week!!

Monday - BYU & U of U Print-ables
Friday - Super fun Stuff to support your team!

So for today, Lets reveal the printables & Studio 5 Segment from today!

First, Welcome to my new Store!
Here is what the printables will look like:

** UPDATE - I had a friend of mine point out that the "UTAH printable" does not display the Utah fight song correctly. I actually did this on purpose because of fear of copyright issues, as well as that I thought it fit the "FAN" table better than "MAN". If this is something you would like changed on your printable I would be happy to change it at no charge!

Order yours for just $.99 Each
(Additional cost for personalization)

And later I will post some great pictures of how to use these printables ...
But for now, check them out on my segment!!

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Honeybee said...

You did such a great job today. Loved all your ideas. I just don't know if I could invite the "red" fans over- I might just have to have a blue party! ;)