Thursday, September 12, 2013

BYU vs. UofU Rivalry Party : Dressing for your Team + Contest!!!

You have to admit ... Football games are much more exciting to watch when you dress the part!
I don't, however, recommend dressing in full BYU Attire and shopping at stores in "U" Territory.
I got the WORST looks when I went to Trader Joe's after filming my segment! I am however PROUD to be a Cougar, and so I held my head high and smiled at everyone who gave me a dirty look!

Let me show you the details!

You probably noticed those darling brown eyes as my model for black eye stickers! 
(Isn't he just the most handsome thing you have ever seen?)
I found these customizable black eye stickers at BYU Bookstore,

But if you're like me, I find it easier to just buy them online! 
I found some at Amazon, and you can order them HERE

My favorite thing about these stickers is that they come with a white pencil, 
and you can customize it to whatever you want it to say!


Now I have to admit, I don't paint my nails ...  I really mean I NEVER paint my nails.
My husband actually kinda laughed when I showed him by BYU nails that I painted for my segment on Studio 5. He said, "I think the last time I saw you with your nails painted, was for our wedding 
(8 years ago)! So I did them 3 times! YES ... a little extreme, but I loved the outcome.

I found these darling nail rub-on's, and cheap nail polish at Walmart!

My thought was that if some of the "gals" at the party aren't too interested in watching the game ... Bring out the nail polish, and you'll be entertained for at least an hour!

While you're at Wal-mart, don't forget some of these AWESOME face Decals too!


While at Swiss Days, I found these DARLING necklaces and earings!

The owner of was so generous to donate this
DARLING jewelry to one of my blog readers.

** For those who are new to contests on my blog,
I do this completely out of the goodness of my heart &
I don't sell your information to anyone

SO if you want to win a necklace and pair of earrings for your game day attire,
Please comment with your name and email address, as well as which team jewelry you would like!
I will be picking a winner on Sunday evening, and shipping it Monday so you have it in time for the big game!

Whatever way you choose to dress up, your team spirit will be shown.
Like I said, the game is always more fun with you dress the part!


The Melville's said...

BYU! I BYU wins!(and me too:)

The Fife's said...

Utah! tamifife at gmail dot com

Lindsay Kay said...


The Meyer Family said...

I'm a BYU fan and alumni, even though my kids think a different blue school is better ;) Anything's better than the red school that must not be named!!! Go Cougars!!

Anonymous said...

Ruth Ann Dupaix
BYU all the way!

Express and Create said...

BYU - Rise and Shout the Cougars are out!!! :) I would look great with those!!! :)

Jana said...

BYU! Goooo Cougars! Loved your segment.

Melanie said...

Thank you so much for your cute ideas! We're moving into a new home on gameday, and I'm using your idea of duct tape on the water bottles to give to our moving helpers! Even though I am a devoted BYU fan (& alum), I also bought U of U tape for the bottles of our Ute fan friends.

Go Cougars! (

Jen said...

A Utah Girl Am I!!!

Taylor C said...


Unknown said...
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Bogenschutz Bliss said...
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Bogenschutz Bliss said...

I have been searching for something cute for me while my boys sport their jerseys...this would be so perfect! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.
BYU all the way...if not my husband would disown me...not really but his family is serious about this rivalry :)
Shayla Bogenschutz

jenb said...