Tuesday, September 10, 2013

BYU vs Utah Rivalry Party : DECOR

I apologize for not getting this up sooner
(super good, but extremely busy)

So let's Get down to Business!

It is all about the small details that make a party magical!


This is a super simple way of dressing up your drinks with very little effort. 
Simply remove the wrap from your blue and red gatorade drinks, and wrap them with the tape!

Another thing I love about the tape is that if you put your gatorade / drinks in a bucket of ice, you won't have to worry about wrapping printables with clear packaging tape,
 so that the ink won't smear all over the place.

University of Utah Duct tape : Home Depot ($6.97) Found in American Fork, UT store
BYU Packaging tape : Found at BYU Bookstore ($5.99)


You can purchase a 6' x 8' indoor outdoor rug from Home Depot for $18.87
This could be used for your backdrop as well! I was thinking some cute vinyl numbers out of white would be darling, to make it look like a football field. Didn't get a chance to do it for the show, but definitely would do it for my party!


The red stripe and blue stripe fabrics I found at IKEA for only $7.99 per yard!
You can purchase it in-store or online. Also comes in green & black!


My dad kinda laughed when I told him I was going to do a tutorial about how to construct this PVC Pipe Football Goal Post ... cause it is kinda self explanatory!

So I decided to just give you supplies and measurements, and hopefully you can figure it out!

1/2" long PVC Pipe
Pipe cutter / Saw
2 Elbow
1 "T"
2 Caps

Here are the measurements of my cuts. They don't need to be perfect because they will be covered!


A great way to add a little more color to your table is with some simple plates. 
I found these at Wal-mart, but have also seen great paper products at Costco!

Click here for more information about how to purchase matching printables

Don't forget to join me tomorrow for details about the food!

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Becky said...

Love these ideas!!! Thank you! My 7 year old is excited for our BYU party and we will be incorporating some of your ideas this year. Call me stupid, but I was wondering what you did to get your goal post to stay upright?