Tuesday, March 29, 2011


WOW! I have really dropped the ball on my blog lately. Thanks for being patient with me. We enjoyed a weekend away for Adam's spring break in St. George Utah. It was colder than normal, but we still had a great weekend.

So now that the house is ours, it is time to do some shopping. We have to buy a refrigerator, a washer and dryer, and a lawn mower! Sure wish I could spend those funds on more fun things! So I need a little advice. I am so very confused on appliances. Do you buy the top load?or front load?
Then there is fridges!!WHEW! I don't even know what to do! Of course I would rather buy fun furniture, and decor rather than a $2000 Fridge, so here is where I need your help! Which ones have you loved? Which ones would you stay away from? Any help would be AWESOME!

Hope to put more creative stuff on here soon!
Thanks in advance for your help!


Erica Hettwer said...

Hey there! We just went through all this fairly recently. New house with no fridge = new fridge and our washer just died a few months ago so new washer. We got a GE fridge, freezer on the bottom and double doors on top with ice & water in the door and I love it! My mom, granny and all of my SIL's love it too. It was well under $2000 and it's got the stainless steel that doesn't show finger prints and magnets work on it! Yay! ;)
We got a front loading LG washer (I'm waiting until the dryer dies to replace it!) and I really like it too. It holds a lot, uses less water and spins them really dry so the drying time is shorter.
Happy shopping!

jknapp00 said...

I have always had a top loading washer. I love the look of the front loaders but I have heard that they get a musty-ish smell after a while that you can't get rid of. Again I have no first hand knowledge of this. And the frig - I really like the pullout freezer at the bottom with the double door frig at the top. It's a shame that they cost so much but they do last a long time.

Liana said...

ohhh we just bought a front load set from Sears! Kenmore all the way! :D I've been on older top loads for all of my life so it's been neat to research all the bells and whistles that go along with it. (this one: http://www.sears.com/shc/s/p_10153_12605_02640272000P?prdNo=2&blockNo=2&blockType=L2)

Thankfully we didn't have to do the Fridge too since the house came with it and we don't know if the lawnmower they left works yet. Fingers crossed!!

As for fridges, I like the ones with the freezer on the bottom. :)

amyp said...

Hi Mandy!
Not too long ago, we received our new GE frig directly from GE. Our first GE frig had problems with the shelves staying put on the freezer side(it was side by side, stanless steel) and after such wonderful customer service from GE and figuring out that it was a manufacturing error(the frig may have been dropped before we bought it or the insulation in the frig was not correct) they replaced our frig and we got a new one and we choose the GE Profile stainless steel French door with ice dispenser with the freezer on the bottom and we LOVE IT!! I must say if you have any issues with your appliances GE has great customer service and to me that means alot!(all of our kitchen appliances are GE). Happy Shopping!!

KristynG said...

Just talked with my aunt about washers and she said to STAY AWAY from any High Efficiency washer. Nothing gets clean because it doesn't use enough water. The washer and clothes all seem to stay dingy and get musty after a while. She actually soaks her white towels in her tub with bleach before putting them in the washer!
Home depot has a front loader that isn't HE...that's the one we are going with :)

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

FRONT LOAD WASHER!!! my parents are separated, and i live at both houses. MY mom has a front loader and my dad has a top loader. This weekend i was washing a comforter at my dad's in his top loader, and the comforter was wrapped around the middle part of the washer. i'm pretty sure it took half an hour to get that thing out and into the dryer!!
Now i understand that not all homes have room for a front loader, they're a little bigger as far as i know, but i would DEFIANTLY recommend a front over a top loader! And my mom's is a whirlpool i think? we haven't had any problems with it so far either!

Good luck with your choices!


Anonymous said...

When I get a new fridge it will be the french door kind. I have liked these for several years and my parents have one, I love it. We have the side by side and I am not a fan because both sides seem small but especially the freezer. As far as the washer dryer go... my husband's job is 2.5 hours away and he has an apartment there with a front load w/d we have top load at home. I like his because they are new but I'm not 100% convinced that is what I would go with if we needed a new set. The only down side I see is that it seems to take way longer to wash, not sure if that is because the reading comes up with the exact number but most loads are 57 min to wash. They are not high end by any means so maybe that makes a difference, it does spin the clothes really well so less drying time. I did a load of whites with bleach and it was 67 minutes. That's my two cents.

katie said...

I love my front loader (I have had two Kenmore and Whirlpool), as for the musty smell if you leave the door open for awhile or just do a load with bleach you should be fine.
As for the fridge I have had one with French doors with the freezer on the bottom (LOVED IT, bu DH didn't like it so much) and currently I have a side by side-which is just okay. You have pros and cons on both sides.
As for shopping I would recommend RC Willeys outlet in West Jordan. They have a scratch and dent section. Sometimes you do have to go back and check (which is alot on gas for you). I bought my fridge from them stainless steel, brand new, scratch on the side (no one sees it because it is against the wall) for 800.00 with delivery. They have everything you need. I believe there is a Sears outlet in Provo as well.
Happy Shopping!!!
Congrats on the new house.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I love my front load washer (I used to have top laod so I know both). I have heard that they can get smelly so after I finish my laundry for the week I just leave the door open a crack for a day to let it air dry and mine has never had a smell (going on 4 years now). Mine is also a High Efficiency and I have never had an issue with it not getting clothes clean. I only have issues if I use too much soap (old habits die hard) and then I just have to put it through the rinse cycle again. As for fridges I love mine which is a Frigidaire french door model. It's got the two side by side doors with the freezer drawer on the bottom. I used to have a side by side like in you post but I found the freezer vary narrow and could never find what I wanted. The drawer is nice because it is more spreadout. I also like the double fridge doors because you can fit anything in there (pizza box, birthday cake, party platter...) where as I always had issues with my side by side. I would look into other brand other than Frigidaire as I have had to replace the fan on mine twice (in 4 years ... it came with our house) and have heard this is a common problem. Good luck with the appliance hunt! And make sure to check out the manufacturers websites for rebates :)

Chris said...

Mandy - Definitely go the FRONT loading machine! Huge capacity (ours is the 5.0) and very energy efficient. I keep both the door and detergent dispenser slightly open ALWAYS between loads to keep it from getting musty. Plus, I use the Affresh cleaner once a month to clean the inside. You will not be disappointed! For the fridge, while I love the look of a side-by-side, they are very limiting in the SIZE of anything you put inside. For example, you cannot put a frozen pizza in the freezer. So, unless you have an auxiliary freezer, anything more then 10 inches or so wide doesn't fit. I like the French-doors fridge with the full-width freezer. But whatever you do, make sure you get a fridge/freezer with an ice-maker and water dispenser that you can use without opening the door. Happy new house!