Monday, April 11, 2011


Sometimes life ... just seems to be a little mondane!

Today the sun finally came out. Oh how I have missed you dear sun!

I am not moving yet, I haven't started packing yet, however the last couple of weeks ... I guess I just needed a break! So I grabbed myself a kit kat bar, and let's be honest lots of other treats ... and just did my normal, everyday duties.

Being a mom ... Sigh!
It is something I have always wanted, however a little piece of me misses those great days, going to the mall without a stroller. Enjoying a lunch without an entire cup of lemonade on my lap. 4 loads of laundry total for the week (that was including sheets and towels!) Cleaning the entire house in an hour ... washing my hair everyday ... going running snow or shine ... working on my computer and creating amazing projects ... and last but not least, watching my favorite morning show, the Today show!

So I ask myself and so many others ... why is it that I asked for this? Tried and tried for 2 years, having 2 miscarriages along the way? Why would anyone want to give up such a life of freedom and what we all picture as joy?

It is because of these two!
Now my days sound more like this,
Waking up early so I can get some scripture reading in. Loving Curious George that comes on right as they wake up, so I can have time to shower. So excited for those days of sunshine so we can go on a run together. Giving the boys a little duster, so they can "help me dust". Try to run my errands before 2:00 pm so that we can have nap time. Buying endless amounts of goldfish to keep me sane at those stores. PEANUT BUTTER was a direct gift from God to me. I get to watch Friends while folding the 6 loads or more of laundry I do every Monday. I get to listen to Ratatouille about every other day while I am trying to finish up the daily chores. I get to try out new recipes on the boys the days that Adam is at school. I get to be a horsey almost each night as I let both of them ride on my back to bed to tuck those little ones into bed. I get to hear "Luboo Mommy (love you mommy)" every night as a thank you from these sweet boys. I sleep better than I think I ever have in my life, because I am exhausted at the end of the day!

If you were to ask me daily, is life as a mommy complete bliss ... I have to be honest, nope it sure isn't ... however I look at those little boys each night as they are snuggled in their blankies and are asleep and thank my Heavenly Father that he gave me two. That he trusted me enough to raise them, and I become overwhelmed with gratitude and joy as I enjoy those sweet moments of being a Mommy. Through the crazy amounts of jobs I have had in my life, I would have to say, that none is harder, yet more rewarding than being a mom! Thank you to all you sweet mom's out there who do what you do! I am so honored to share the same job title!


Amy C said...

Thank you for this post! It's true that it's something we always wanted, but being a mom is hard work, and with my kids, the older they get the harder it is. :) It is nice to know that other moms feel this way too.

alicia said...

WOW! They are so big now!!

Jana said...

Those boys are too cute, please save one for little Jos! We just got a house in North Salt Lake, can't wait to be closer.


From start to finish....amen!!! I could not agree more. It is a HARD hard job, but sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I swear after all the blood, sweat and tears....seeing those little babies tucked in at night just clears the slate, bring renewal, and ALWAYS a tear to my eye. All day I think- GO TO BED!!! hahahaha then as soon as they are out, I want to pick them up and squeeze them and hold them tight :) LOVE this difficult, hard, trying job of being a mommy. THANK YOU for sharing.

J Jo said...


Charity said...

Definitely nice to read this. I have 3 boys (a 3.5 yr. old and twin 16 mo. olds) and there are definitely days I wonder why one earth I wanted to give up all that freedom for this super rewarding/exhausting job. Still, as you say, most days aren't bliss but it is absolutely worth it.

Your boys are beautiful. Thank you for writing this.

brenda said...

This post says it all! Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Even though you think you're going to lose your mind most days, treasure these days they will go by faster than you think is possible and unbelievably you will long for them to be back! My 3 are 19, 16 and 10 and there are days I would gladly go back to the insanity of toddlerhood! Guess that's why I watch a friends 2 year old a few days a week and will soon help with her newborn too.