Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Mother's day! I have the most awesome mom in the world. I can't even write in words or express how much I love and appreciate her. She is the most talented person I know ... and really is quite frankly the whole reason I decided to start scrapbooking altogether. I owe all of my crafty skills, as well as many other skills I have. I love ya mom!Second, I just want to express my love for being a mom. Sometimes I wonder, why in the world am I doing this. Is it really worth it? But lying awake recently at 2 am ... not able to sleep for the life of me, I have had to appreciate the blessing it truly is to be a mommy. I have so many friends of mine that are struggling with getting pregnant, and I too once was there. Although I at this point I am wondering if I can do another pregnancy, I feel so blessed to be having another child. Happy Mothers Day to all of you wonderful women out there!

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