Saturday, May 9, 2009

Feeding the Ducks

Adam has been studying to take the GMAT for the past few months, and today we REALLY needed out of the house and to take a break. Adam suggested going down to Walweap Marina at Lake Powell (10 minutes away) and find some ducks to feed. At first we didn't see not even a one. I needed to sit down, and it was 95 degree's outside, so we sat on a bench to watch some people fish. Bryson wasn't interested in the fish. He was just SO excited to finally get to spend some time with daddy.

We walked down by the houseboats and found some ducks. When I gave Bryson some bread to throw to the ducks, he just ate it. He must have not gotten enough lunch :)Bryce finally got the idea and just loved the ducks reaction when we threw the bread.

It got REALLY hot outside, and this pregnant woman needed a serious nap, so we left. It was so fun to spend time as a family.

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Mindy said...

I love Wahweap!! I love Page too.. Navajo Mountain Clam chowder... mmmm...