Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bored ... or Board?

Well, we definitely aren't bored around this household. Only a few more weeks to go until our little one arrives. I am starting to get in PANIC nesting mode. Cleaning out closets .... and trying to find just a little more space for our new arrival.

Meanwhile, I have had a few projects on the back of my mind and thought ... it is time to get them done. One of which is to use the FANTASTIC vinyl that Quickutz sent me over a month ago to write this scripture on Bryson's magnet board.

I used my sillouette machine and three different colors of vinyl ... brown, navy, and light blue.

It turned out just like I wanted it to ... and I also changed out the pictures to Bryson's new ones I just had taken at Target.I don't like Kiddie Kandid or Sears ... and I am a HUGE fan of Target! SERIOUSLY ... they do an AWESOME job!

Hope I inspired you to do a fun vinyl project ... and if you are wondering about the silhouette ... it is one of my favorite toys and CHANGED MY LIFE!


Andrea said...

i'm not all that great with scriptures, but that's a great one. Which one is it?

The vinyls look beautiful, btw. What a great project.

Robertson Family said...

I'm sure you have been extra busy preparing for this next little guy! I LOVE that board with the scripture! That is precious and it turned out so cute!

RyanandSheree said...

I love the board!! I too have a Silhouette but hardly use it and I have about $200 in my account to buy downloads and I haven't done it....anywho....I also have a ton of the rolls of vinyl and want to do a bunch of sayings around my house but I am afraid that I am going to ruin the vinyl or I don't know if I can do the whole saying in one long piece. For example, on our kids bathroom mirror I want to write" I don't care if you brush your teeth, just brush the ones you want to keep!" How would I go about doing this? Your expertise is greatly needed and appreciated!