Monday, April 27, 2009


Often I have people writing me, wanting to interview me, or ask me questions ... but it seems like I often get the question ... what inspires you. So I would like to share a few thoughts with you!

These are a few blogs I check frequently. Not only are these people A-MAZ-ING ... they are all good friends!

First: Cathy Zielske ...
She makes me laugh, and her design techniques are so beautiful that they make me cry. She used to be the Creative Director for Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. Someday I hope to be as talented as she! Her blog is one that gives me a break when I am stressed. She is an outstanding Graphic Designer, Photographer, Scrapbooker, and mother. Thanks Cathy for being my inspiration!

Next: Becky Kimball ...
Becky and I have been friends since college ... hense this great picture from the good ol' days. She is so talented in decor, organization, scrapbooking, and in the last few years has become an EXTREMELY talented photographer. I enjoy looking at the way she photographs her darling son Max, as well as other people and landscapes. She inspires me to become a better photographer.

My good ol' friend and previous co-worker Nicole Larue

I worked with Nicole at American Crafts. She is a VERY talented designer and all around genuine person. I learned so much from her by just watching her work, and being involved in creating products for American Crafts with her. She also wrote this idea book for CK. This book has MARVELOUS idea for handmade gifts!

Last, but definitely not least is my Brother-in-Law Sean.

He is a masters student at University of Washington and is AMAZING at Graphic Designer and Photographer. He and I have great conversations about design and it is so fun to have a great common interest with an in-law. He and his wife Sara are constantly inspiring me to create wonderful things. Here is a blog of some of his awesome designs.

OH and PS ... The picture just shows that the man has quite the hilarious personality. He is one of those people that you love to be around, because he always makes you laugh!

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The Dowell Family said...

Hello Mandy! This is Megan from early March and the "into everything" little boy that you have some great (!) advice to! I just wanted to say thank you so much! It helped so much! Sorry it took me so long to say this:(

I hope you are feeling great with only a few more days left in your pregnancy!