Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it Snow!

Living in Page, Arizona, I don't get to see much snow, BUT someone gave me a little mercy this year and sent 4" on Thursday! SWEET HUH! (I know I am nuts, but what is the Christmas season without snow folks!)No joke! All of the schools got canceled too!

So my promise on my previous post was to give you the reasons why I feel like this is the most WONDERFUL time of the year ... and so I will fulfill that promise ...

1. There was snow at my parents house in Orem, snow in Kanab at Adam's parent's house, and finally at our house. OH how I love the snow and can't WAIT to ski in it over the Christmas Break. Did I mention I have a SEVERE passion for snow skiing? Here is a picture of Adam and I two years ago skiing. I didn't get to go last year because of being 8 months pregnant ... but I am bound and determined I am going to make it to Snowbird this year dang it!

2. Christmas Trees- How could you not love christmas trees? My christmas tree is Red and silver with a candy cane feel. Bryson has loved looking at it, but he KNOWS mommy doesn't let him touch it! :)

3. Christmas cards. I have already explained how much I love receiving mail ... How awesome it is to see that little PO BOX FILLED with wonderful envelopes in Red and Green. As for my Christmas cards, here is a sneak peek! I won't be displaying the entire Christmas card for a few more days so the 96 people I sent them out to this year can get the surprise in their mailbox, before reading it on my blog!

4. Christmas Parties. The two parties we got invited to were our Church party and our friend white elephant gift party, which both we had to miss because of driving to Utah. I was so sad, but that didn't stop me from making the darling treats below, even though we couldn't enjoy them.I would like to take full credit for the ideas, but sadly I can't. My sister Tiffany called me and told me that she saw the segment on the Utah Channel Studio 5 and just had to share. So click HERE to watch the whole segment ... believe me, it is worth your time!

5. Did I mention Christmas shopping was another one of those reasons I love Christmas! The window shopping, the hoping you get that perfect gift for someone you love (or in my case trying to find an AR-15 gun for my husband. YEAH nice try! They are no where to be found!). Though finding the perfect gift doesn't always happen, the feeling of all the shoppers, searching and searching is indescribable! I do have to give a little shout out to Nordstrom for their AMAZING decor! It just makes the season that much brighter!

6. Christmas lights. I just got this email from my husband this morning. Can I say props to those awesome people who TRULY know the reason for the season.

7. Family, we will be in Orem at my parents house for 10 days! I miss my family extremely bad so this will be some great bonding time! Here is a picture of last Sunday night ... the boys at mom & dad's table!

8. Gift Giving. I love those gifts that just shock the heck out of the person receiving, and you KNOWING you "did it" this year! For instance, my husband and his siblings all decided we would chip in and get his parents a mattress for Christmas. It was delivered yesterday and they were SO surprised! I was informed that the mattress they had was about 15 years old! They were so grateful. Isn't that what it is all about? I also am SO excited about my parents gift this year, but I will have to wait to tell you what it is until after Christmas Day.

9. Presents. Okay, I must be insane, but I LOVE to wrap presents. I am planning on making my tags this afternoon so I will be sure to post them when I finish! I love to coordinate the wrapping to my tree and who better to make the perfect wrapping than the infamous AC! (Sweet that rhymed!) Click HERE to check out their wrapping goodies!

10. Christmas music. I am one of those people who REFUSE to listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and turn it off after January 1st, but between those days you better believe I will be listening to it! I grew up listening to "The Carpenters" and to this day still claim it is BY FAR the best Christmas album out there! If you don't have it, buy it!

11. Christmas Piano music. I have been playing the piano since I was 6 years old, but I am no where near a concert pianist. I do have to say, that my favorite time of the year to play is Christmas. My mom has this book of music that we all have looked for and it is no longer in print. While I was in Utah she was kind enough to make all of us girls a copy of that old book for us to enjoy playing during the season. Now we don't have to fight over "who gets it when mom dies". We all now have a copy.

12. FOOD! Don't you just LOVE holiday food? The neighborhood cookies and goodies, to dips and fattening treats galore! UMMMM I just love the season! OH and while we are on food... who ever invented Gingerbread houses should go STRAIGHT to heaven! I made my first one this year! Who knew that a kit could turn into this! (okay it actually looks terrible but I tried! I get an A for effort right?) Next year I am going to go for the making from scratch!

13. Seeing Santa. I always remember Santa being a good experience. Well, it wasn't for me this year. The Santa in Orem at University mall was the WORST Santa I have ever seen. I will give him props for his looks, he did look great, but he had no personality, wouldn't look at the camera, didn't smile, scared Bryson to death, (which is next to impossible), and asked my 10 month old if he wanted a bike! Can you say ... we need a new Santa? WHEW! This was the only picture I liked! Do you think this will stop me from seeing Santa next year? HEAVENS NO! It is part of the fun of the season!

14. Last but not least, the focus of the Savior. Living in a small town has been a struggle for me. I am one of those people who love the hustle and bustle, the traffic, the shopping, but the blessing about not having anywhere to shop, no traffic, and only one restaurant open during the winter season, is you can focus on what matters most, and that is celebrating the Savior's life and recognizing the influence he has had on my life. I hope you all feel the same way!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


ARob said...

hi. i just started reading your blog after I read about you in CK. you are so silly saying your gingerbread house isnt good it is awesome!

Tai said...

Fun post Mandy. I love how reading all the different things you love about Christmas and I would say I agree. I got your Christmas card and loved it! I need to talk to you... soon! Merry Christmas!

The Dowell Family said...

Hello Mandy. I also have started to read your blog after seeing you in CK. Congratulations on being named Scrapper of the Year! What an honor!

I also feel a connection with you, besides scrapbooking, because I am also from Utah. My family is there and my husband and I just visited two weeks ago. He had to drag me to the airport:(

Anyhoo, Merry, merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

n8tivcropper said...

Wow- I came upon your blog through a series of clicks and was quite surprised to see a very familiar landscape. I usually only see pictures of Page/Lake Powell in the tourist/travel sections. I was born and raised in the Page area. I visit there very often to see my family. How cool is that that the CK SOY is from my little hometown on the mesa? What a small world. Congratulations.