Friday, November 14, 2008

Posting from Seattle!

Coming SOON!!!! I am at CKC Seattle and can't wait to post pictures REALLY soon. Check back in a few days to see what I have been doing here!


Jeni said...

Hi Mandy - I really enjoyed your classes at CKC. I told my fiancee the story about how you got engaged ...with the scrapbooking pages. He was pretty impressed. I don't think he'll be doing any page layouts though. Looking forward to checking out your blog and I hope to see you again at another class sometime.

Phillippia said...

Hi Mandy,

It was a pleasure meeting you. it's me Phillippia! I enjoyed hearing all your personal stories.

I hope to see you next year!

Ginger Ragan said...

Mandy--It was wonderful to meet you and to get the chance to have taken 3 classes from you this weekend. My daughter, Amanda and I had such a great time at our first (and hopefully not last) CKC, and you made it very special by being such an inspiration and so down to earth. (I am the nurse whose DisneyWOrld photos were ruined, except for the Tower of Teror...) We especially loved your laid-back approach and wanted you to know how our HeSaid SHeSaid pages turned out. Amanda (who is 17) did "They Said" on both pages and put in pics of all of her Uncles, Dad and Grandpa on one page and the Aunts, Grandma and Mom on the other. I did "She Said...Anything she wanted" "He Said Yes Dear, and he was right!" Such fun. THanks again! And CONGRATS! Definitely CK made a great choice!