Sunday, September 15, 2013

BYU vs UofU Rivalry Party : Swagg

It has been such a fun week sharing with you the details of my segment
That I presented on  Studio 5

Today I am going to finish off the segment with some of the fun team swagg I found while preparing my segment. Often times the way I prepare for my segment is by buying CRAZY amounts of stuff, and hoping to use it in some way. I always over buy, over prepare, and often feel sad I didn't get to share every small detail with you. So I thought I would share with you some of my favorite fun finds while preparing my segment!

So where do you find all this stuff?
Well if your mind is only focused for 3 weeks on a cool party that you could throw for your favorite team, I can imagine you would find lots of rocking stuff too ...

But in the mean time, a great place to start is your local college bookstore!

But now you're wondering, what in the world would you do with all this swagg?
Well give it away as prizes for your guests!

How about a prize for those who get closest for the game score?
Put all your swagg in a jar, and place this FREE Printable
for your guests to guess the score!

Click HERE to download this free printable!

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