Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Fun Father's Day gifts FROM the kids!

Fathers Day fun from the Kids

As we all know, thoughtful gifts from the kids are some of our favorites that we cherish for years to come. Here are a few to add into the collection of gifts for dad from the little ones this year!

“Pops” Pack
A great learning opportunity, and fun activity to do with the kids is to send them on a scavenger hunt at the grocery store to find anything that has to do with “dad” or “pops”. A few ideas would include: (Most items found at the dollar store!)

Dad’s Rootbeer soda
Kool Pops
Pop Drops
Pops Suckers
Ring Pop
Pop Tarts
Sugar Daddy’s
Blow Pops
Poppy Seed Muffins

Daddy Questionnaire

This is a great idea for those little ones who say the funniest things. Create a questionnaire of questions specific to dad. Then type out the answers they say along with the age of the child. After printing out the questions and answers, use an inkpad to place the child’s hand print as a waterma­rk to the questions. Frame it to place on daddy’s desk. 

Dad – I love you to pieces!

Purchase a simple blank puzzle (found at Hobby Lobby in Orem) for a really quick gift to get for dad. Have the kids draw a picture for dad, or just put a hand print for little ones. Wrap it up, or put all the individual pieces in a box for dad to open and put together.

Making a Mark … and helping dad’s game!

If you have ever golfed, you will notice that while playing with other golfers, you might find yourself confused of who’s ball belongs to who! Have the kids mark dad’s ball with their initials, or if they are too small to write, have them simply leave their fingerprint on the ball. Tip from a “daddy” … make sure the mark is very subtle and not too big and distracting from their golf game.

You’re Tie-Riffic!
A common father’s day gift is a tie. Let the kids get involved by printing out a tie for them to color that tells them how terrific they think daddy is!

Print some free downloads by clicking HERE


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You're segment was awesome today! Great job Mandy! You're amazing.

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