Thursday, May 23, 2013

ICE CREAM ... More studio 5 love!!

My segment today was all about Ice Cream Tools and Toppings

So here is the story...

I got ready to go, and left my house at 9:15 to travel to Salt Lake to prepare and present my segment for Studio 5. I knew this segment was going to be challenging. How do you keep Ice Cream from melting  when it is sitting out and underneath lots of hot lights?

So we prepared all the ice cream cones, cups, etc and placed them in the studio freezer. Just as I was ready to go on air, we got news that there would be a breaking news report and we would be pushed back for 10 minutes. So between that time, we put the ice cream back and forth 2x from the freezer to the set. YIKES ... can you say SUPER stressful?
(btw, thanks so my awesome friend Katie who helped with SO much today!
 I couldn't have done it without her!)

So I did the entire segment ... and realized that after there was an entire part that we forgot that was in the fridge ... so here is what you missed!

Chocolate bowls
When thinking of what to serve your ice cream in, think outside the box. Rather than serving in a typical bowl, or cone … why not serve in a bowl of chocolate!

-Purchase high quality water-balloons.
-Melt ½ bag of chocolate chips.
-Melt 3 Tablespoons of Coconut oil (so it is a clear liquid, about 30 seconds in microwave)
- Add oil to the melted chocolate and let cool for a minute or two.
- Prepare a sheet lined with waxed paper.
- Very lightly spray bottom of balloon with cooking spray.
- Place a quarter sized drop of chocolate on cookie sheet.
- Dip the balloon into the chocolate to form a small bowl.
- Place cookie sheet in fridge for 30 minutes or longer.
- Carefully pop balloon and take balloon out of bowl.
- Store in fridge or freezer.

These were seriously the coolest part of my segment so I am so sad I didn't get to show them. 
Here are the other fun ideas I presented today!

Ice Cream Tools & Toppings for the Summer!

With Summer coming soon, and the weather warming up quickly, there is big reason to pump up the ways you eat, scoop, and enjoy Ice Cream this summer! Join Mandy Douglass with some great ideas on how to get creative with your Ice Cream desserts this summer!

Scooping and Serving

There are so many fun and trendy tools available to consumers. Here are some great ways to make you the talk of the neighborhood kids!

Cuisinpro Ice Cream Scoop

A fun way to serve ice cream. Creates playful, cylinder-shape blocks of ice cream that can be stacked on a cone or decorated in a waffle cup for a colorful and creative presentation.
    Works with a simple twist-and-lift action and push button to release.
    Ergonomic scooper effortlessly cuts through the hardest ice cream.
    Unique cylindrical shape.
    Flat top and bottom of scoop lets you stack your favorite flavors.
    Fits standard jumbo cone or waffle cone.
    Dishwasher safe top rack.

Purchase at Orson Gygi or Bed Bath & Beyond locally. Found online as well!

Twin Scoop cone from Joy Cones

One scoop is never enough for me, so why not get a cone that is just perfect for two scoops of Ice Cream!

Photo credit to

Cones can be purchased online by visiting:

Bowls of Fruit

A big trend right now is to hollow out fruit to use as a bowl for your sorbet or ice cream. A great product I found made all the hard work non-existent!

Island Way Sorbet, purchased pre-done Sorbet filled fruit from Costco

Pre-scooped portions

To prevent a sticky situation, start scooping before the party starts. Place individual scoops in a cupcake tin lined with paper baking cups and transfer the tray to the freezer for up to several hours.

Photo by Mark Lunt

Ice Cream Spaghetti?
I bet you have never thought that some of your common Kitchen tools could be used for serving Ice Cream. Today we will show you one trick your kids will love!

By placing vanilla ice cream in a Potato ricer, it will make small strings of ice cream, (that looks like spaghetti). Then top with your favorite raspberry or strawberry topping. Add some coconut for a parmesan cheese look! What a tasty treat that could always trick the kids into having fun while eating ice cream.

New Trendy Toppings for Ice Cream


This is a big trend right now in Frozen Yogurt bars all over! They are little translucent gummy balls that contain flavored juices in the center which "pop" and ooze with every bite.

You can order them online, but I found the best way to grab them for your party is to visit your favorite frozen yogurt bar and rather than purchasing the frozen yogurt bowl, fill it completely with Bobas! That way you don’t pay shipping, and for more than you need!

Chocolate Symphony Sauce

Large Symphony candy bar with toffee and almonds
1 cube butter
1 can Sweetened condensed milk

Mango-Colada sauce
1 cup chopped strawberries
2 kiwi chopped
1 mango chopped
Cream of Coconut

Mix together. Start small with Cream of Coconut, but add to taste!

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