Wednesday, December 5, 2012

SANTA!! I know him!! & my NEWEST sponsor!

I do love Christmas time. 
I think, however, I associate Christmas with major stress, and so each year I look less and less forward to it coming. Do you feel the same?

This year, although I was a little reluctant to December first making it's presence, doing a Countdown again (I skipped it last year) ... I have been pleasantly surprised how much fun I have had. Here is what we have done so far!

December 1
I talked Adam into letting me run the SANTA RUN in Provo with a bunch of my friends! 

December 2

One of my favorite traditions, watching the LDS Christmas Devotional. Click here to view it! 
The talks were amazing and filled me up with some wonderful Christmas Spirit! Great for any Christian regardless if you're LDS or not!

December 3

We did a family night about the nativity and how we can bring the spirit of Christ into our home. It really is so hard to explain to a 4 & 3 year old what Christmas is all about ... but when I said it was Jesus' Birthday, it kinda clicked. 

December 4

Last year I had to do it on my own, because Adam was in school ... but this year I had his help and had a great evening at Thanksgiving point, seeing Santa Clause!

And now ... I am starting to see why I am enjoying this year. For 2 years I have had a 
stressed out, 
final taking, 
school going
 husband ... 
and really have done all of these activities on my own. But this year I have him around ... and it makes all the difference. I LOVE having my husband here, 
and enjoying all of the craziness of Christmas with him.

On another note ... I have a new sponsor!

Valshi is a local & online clothing & jewelry boutique.
They have really unique, darling cloths at VERY reasonable prices.

3 Places to get there DARLING cloths!

Lehi Utah Store
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Lehi, Utah

Orem Utah Store
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Orem, Utah

Tomorrow I have Studio 5 again and they are dressing me for the event! Be sure to check back tomorrow for a coupon code, and to see the DARLING outfit they dressed me in!


The Robisons said...

I think you we're behind me in the line. I have twin boys and my one little guy kept wanting to hug your oldest son. Was that you?

The Robisons said...

P.s. I just found this blog from studio 5 and thought I recognized your kids in the Santa picture.