Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas is coming + Party!

Adam gave in and let me do Christmas lights on the outside of the house.
It was the beginning of the excitement for me. Last year it was either furniture, or Christmas lights ... and so I chose the furniture. The lights outside of the house just snowballed into a ripple effect. We didn't get home from Thanksgiving in Kanab until Sunday night, so this week has been a big decorating fest to get ready for my HOLIDAY PARTY!!
Remember this invitation from a few weeks ago?

Well it turned out fantastic! It was this past Wednesday night ... and as much as I don't want to admit it ... it was a little stressful getting ready. I always go overboard, to the point of making myself crazy (but of course this is part of the fun). Here are a few pictures of the details!
I was a little frantic, trying to get all the food out when people arrived, so I didn't get the "picture perfect" pictures I really wanted ... but at least this gives you REALITY ... right? (don't you love the plastic pitcher of water at the left?

My amazing mom and sister helped. Mom made her awesome caramels ... which I still haven't learned how to make. SOMEDAY right? My sister Tiff made this AMAZING dip and I somehow didn't end up with a picture of it! but it looked something like this
It was the hit of the party. Always important to have something savory at your party! 

The Hot Cocoa bar was a hit too! After researching ... I came up with the following for the bar:
Peppermint marshmallows
gingerbread marrshmallows
mini marshmallows
Andes mint pieces
(all found at Walmart!)
These are my favorite, and surprisingly somewhat healthy!

Super rich but really yummy!
My favorite recipe of gingersnaps so far!

The best part of the party was my cute friends who came and worked on all sorts of darling Christmas projects. I was too busy doing my Christmas cards and visiting ... and didn't get a chance to take as many pictures as I would like ... however ... lets be REALISTIC again! Isn't enjoying the party the reason we have them? Not just for the pictures?

Next year I decided to take a little stress off my back, I am going to have everyone bring their favorite holiday treat to share ... have Christmas music playing (yeah I am a dork and forgot this detail) ... and lastly prepare WAY farther in advance.

Today I got to do my favorite holiday tradition, and that was one I do with my boys every year. I went to the Festival of Tree's in Salt Lake and enjoyed every minute. 
I think Christmas can start now. 
COME ON DECEMBER 1st! I am ready for you!

 Haven't even started Christmas shopping yet,
working on my Christmas Countdown after posting this,
Studio 5 next week,
Christmas Cards printed, however finishing the details so I can show you!
More to come in the next few days!!

 I leave you with a cute video of my Sister-In-Law Sara on the Today show yesterday! Isn't she so stinking cute??
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