Monday, December 31, 2012

Good Bye 2012 ... a December review

I have to admit, I have just totally written off my blog the last couple of weeks. Instead I have been enjoying spending time with my favorite people on the earth, my family! It was the first Christmas in 2 years that I have had Adam focused on the season, and not finals!

So instead of updating you on every little Christmas event we participated in this year, I decided to just enjoy each moment. Here are a few things I missed updating you on!

My Christmas Cards (which I just realized I never revealed to my blog readers!)
Printed through my favorite local & online printer (

The Back - Douglass Family Info Graphic!
And the details of how these babies were finished up with a little "Mandy" Touch
The focus of my Christmas Cards was to tell people our big announcement of adoption

It always seems like I have GREAT intentions to reveal my Christmas Card sooner than a few days before Christmas, but it with all of the CRAZINESS of the season, I just barely made it to the post office, for the 100 I sent out this year! (& I still feel like I wasn't able to get everyone I hoped to send one to this year! I guess you have to stop somewhere huh!)

Christmas Cards have been a big thing for me. Through the years. Here is why!
1. I LOVE designing them. It is my favorite part
2. I even more LOVE receiving them
3. I always like to put a little "twist" on my Christmas Cards from year to year.

Something else I really enjoy is giving my neighbors a small gift to tell them thanks for being a great neighbor! Here is the reveal for this year. The idea came from Emily Bradley on Studio 5 back in November. Click here to watch her darling segment! The Tags however I came up with myself!

And finally my favorite pictures from December of my boys!

And gifts from my boys from their preschool classes

Now it is to all start again with 2013!

Happy New Year to you all!

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