Friday, August 24, 2012

Living Room Botanical Wall

So I have told you about my mom before, but I thought I might just brag a little more about the amazing person she is. She really is the most talented woman I know and can do more with her pinky, than most people can do with their entire body.

Along with being super crafty, she is an amazing Watercolor Artist. I have tried to figure out the perfect space in my house for years to put some of her amazing paintings, and finally found the perfect spot in my living room.

It just took a trip to Ikea to make it happen for the frames.
I have seen a lot of people use Botanical prints in frames clumped together like this, but who really can say that their mom painted them ?

Here is a closer look:
I have decided to scan all of the prints and give you all a chance to use some too! 
I will be selling prints of these. If you're interested in purchasing, please email me!
Here are the prints a little closer:

Each will be printed on Watercolor paper and sent to you directly. Sold as a clump for a discounted price, or individually. Email for pricing.
If you want to see a few more of her paintings, click here ... but email me if you would like information on how to buy these treasures!

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Lindsay Kay said...

Those are just lovely! They really are a treasure.:)