Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Lovin!

We have had such a wonderful summer, sadly, I have missed updating my blog! Here are some fun things we have been doing!
First was the Fourth of July. We enjoyed a great breakfast at my parents, and a fun day on Utah Lake with my family. Then made Cafe Rio Salads, and enjoyed some fireworks. Poor Chad got burned by a sparkler ... but is doing just fine. Luckily it was really small.
Swimming lessons with the boys has been a blast! They finally are starting to enjoy the pool, thanks to my awesome friend Alicia that is teaching them. Thanks Lich!
 Girls Camp was the last week in June. I was able to attend as a Youth Leader, although I think most people thought I looked and acted like one of the girls. You give me dirt, not much sleep, and no filter ... you will be shocked at the Mandy that comes out!
 Lastly, I got together with some of the greatest girls that have influenced my life more than I can ever express. They are my Freshman Year roommates at SUU. We met up a few weeks back for the first time in Years! Crazy to think that we all are almost exactly the same! I love them and it was so much fun to catch up!
Lots of things on my plate this summer, including a few craft classes and another Studio 5 segment.
But the best part of this summer has been spending time with my boys and seeing Adam a whole lot more this summer than I did last summer. 
He only has 3 weeks left of school. We just can't wait to party!!

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