Sunday, July 22, 2012

Adoption Progress

Wow, this process of Adoption has been such an adventure for us and is a great way to instill patience in a person. However, this week I had some great opportunities to show off our family.

One of the things that helps you stand out when you are trying to get the word out that you are adopting is by making "Pass Along" cards. I was so excited to do this, and who better to call than Pro Digital Photos

They did a fantastic job printing my darling cards, and it is so fun to pass them out to friends and family to carry in their purses! (I designed the cards, they printed them!) 
If you know anyone that is looking to place their child in a wonderful home, pass along our information, and have them consider us!!

Another fun event this week was and event I was invited to create a project for. I was asked by my social worker to teach a craft class to a group of expectant mothers. There were about 8 girls there and I was asked to teach a craft for them. Well I decided that pinterest was a great way to start. I found this on Pinterest and decided to start there! Here is what I came up with!

The original idea was all the same color and had a larger monogram, however I felt like it wouldn't take enough time, and I wanted the bags a little more decorative!

So how can you do this?? First, grab some cheap canvas totes (come in 3's and work out to be about $2 each). I got them at Walmart. Next are just your standard doilies, and then some paint. With spray Adhesive, spray the doily and adhere it to the bag. With a stencil brush, and bright paint, paint the doily. Peel it off when dry. 
Next is to make the FLOWERS. They ARE SO EASY!! I also found the tutorial for these on pinterest. Click here for some GREAT detailed instructions on how to make these! (HUGE hit in the group btw) I thought this would be great to show them how to make the flower just in case they want to make darling bows for their baby girls. (that is for those that know their having a girl!)

The group was a hit and I LOVED being able to talk one on one with some of these darling girls. I am amazed by their courage!

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