Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day Projects & Coupon Codes!

Every year I wonder what I should do for my mom for Mother's Day! I can't believe it is just a few days away. I have had a few people email me for directions on a few projects I have done on my blog, so I though, heck, why not do a post about some cute Mother's day ideas!

First off!
I have a new sponsor that came to my rescue just in the nick of time for Mother's day ... and for you last minute women like me! They have a fantastic promotion for Mother's day that I couldn't keep to myself!

Check out these awesome photo gifts they are offering!

To recieve a 20% Discount through May 13, enter code #1mom
(Be sure to click "order now" to view the cute design options)

These are the cutes shaped wall decor I have seen in a while. They can attach cute ribbon to the metal prints so they are a finished product and ready to hang. Or you can order them without the holes and display them on an easel. They can also put a backing on them to hang them on a wall. YEP! They are pretty much amazing! You can see the real deal at their store at 
79 Main Street, in Pleasant Grove, Utah.   

Or What about these:
(Be sure to click "order now" to view the cute design options)

I don't know about you, but I LOVE to have a drink in my hand at all times. I can't wait to hint to Adam for one of these!

I am grateful to a bunch of great people that have "pinned" this project I did last year for Mother's Day for my mom:
I can not tell you the response I have gotten for this ... so here are a few tips if you are looking to create one for yourself!

1. I used a simple Flower Die cut from Lifestyle crafts. I used two flowers per picture. Then I printed my pictures out and cut them with a 2" Circle punch. I placed the picture on one flower, hot glued the flower to a bamboo skewer (yes the kind you get at the grocery store to put kabobs on). Then I hot glued another flower on the back to give it some dimension.

2. The leaves for the flower are just different widths and patterns of green ribbon.

3. I placed some crafters foam and the bottom of my bucket and placed the flowers in. Then covered the foam with the "gift" crinkle paper filler.

A Cute reader of mine totally rolled with this project and did a step by step tutorial on her blog on how to make one. Visit Danielle at for another way of doing this!

One last idea was one I did for Studio 5 in December. I had a cute friend email me about this one and thought I would pass along the idea!

For more information on this necklace and how to make one for your mom, click here

Hope you all have a VERY Happy Mother's Day! I will be spending mine in Southern Utah ... SO excited for a little vacation!

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