Sunday, May 6, 2012

An End is in Site!

 I can't believe we are almost there! Adam officially finishes his Masters Degree from the University of Utah in August, however Adam was given the option to walk in May before he officially finishes. Although he wasn't sure he wanted to walk, we both felt like it would be something we would like to have in our memory books.

A year ago from this time, I didn't think I was going to make it! I honestly don't know how women put their husbands through years and years of school! This past semester Adam would put the boys to bed on Sunday night and not see them until Thursday night. It was so hard on me and the boys. Adam was more stressed than I had ever seen him. However, it changed out lives. It made us stronger, and we realized we can do hard things!

But as of this weekend, we realized ... we are almost done!! I can't believe it! This weekend has been SO awesome! Adam's parents and brother came to the graduation, along with my parents too! We didn't want to make it too big of a deal, since he still has two classes to finish, but like I said before ... the end is in site!