Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pinterest ... has Changed my life!

has changed my life!

It really has! I have heard a lot of mixed reviews.
1. It takes away creativity, because people just copy ideas.
2. People aren't looking at blogs as much because their time is focused on Pinterest.
3. It is a big time waster and just like any social network can be VERY addicting.

As much as I agree with all of these to an extent ... I have found that I become a giddy school girl when I find new recipes to try, or when I finally figure out how to do something I have always been interested in doing myself. But mostly, I find that it gets my creative juices flowing. As I totally admit that I am guilty of totally just making something exactly as someone else has, I try to always give credit, where credit is due. 

This past week I have made several recipes that my family has loved, and I feel so enriched by peoples creativity. I have found SO many amazing people and blogs through Pinterest, and I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE Pinterest!
I find that Pinterest is a waist of time if you don't do anything with your pins ... which is why I would like to start a new series on my blog of things that I have cooked, been inspired by, or just plain loved each week on Pinterest! Here is what I found this past week, I have made, and TOTALLY loved this week on Pinterest!

Hope you love them too!

Be sure to find me on Pinterest! (Search Mandy Douglass in people!)

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Megan D said...

I found you! I love finding new foods to cook. Especially for my gluten free dad! It has helped me in my classroom and finding new scrapping techniques!