Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Party Favors

When on Studio 5 last week I didn't get a chance to go over party favors! Probably my favorite part of the party. So here is an up-close view of the party favors I prepared, but because of time I wasn't able to show on air! 

First was my favorite. It would take some effort, but totally could be done! My thought was that my grandma had everything she needed by 80 years old, and often wanted to give us something ... rather than us give her something. My thought was to help her make aprons for each girl / grandchild / daughter attending. Then make a recipe book from of all of grandma's recipes. 

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These recipes would be some of the ones we used at the party! (You know how we all are, we try it, and HAVE to have that recipe!) It is finished up with a darling little baking case from

Next, my grandmother was one of those people with a green thumb! (too bad I didn't get that one through genetics! I swear I kill every indoor plant I buy!)  My thought was to get these little favor tins (I got mine in the wedding favor section at Walmart a few years back) and put seeds to plant in each one. The Quote reads: "Grandma's Garden ... Grown with seeds of love & sewn with patience and loving hands". This is a really cost effective favor, and one that anyone could use and love.
Last but not least, I got these glassine bags. I filled them with the Almond butter cookies I made for the party segment. Made a simple tag with a dot circle border, and used a scalloped punch. Then I simply folded a doillie and attached a ribbon with a staple. 

Here is how I did that: (This was a tutorial I did for a page on in April of 2010)

1. First you staple with the ribbon hooked under it.
2. Tie a knot
3. Trim ends
Such a perfect way to get a knotted bow in the middle of a page, and to keep a little sack tied shut! 

I hope these little favors will inspire you to create something wonderful for the guests at your next party!

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