Friday, February 24, 2012

Party Details & Coupon Codes!

I have been meaning to post for a few days and have let life take it's course. There was so much that went into the Man Cave Party segment that I thought I would share the details. Listed are pictures, recipes, and tips! Please let me know what you like! I am doing another milestone birthday segment on March 1 and would love your feedback!

Did you love the outfit? (Season Boutique store) dressed me! I loved my outfit and if you did too, there is a coupon available for you! Just visit their website and use the 
code “MANDY” at checkout and you’ll receive 20% off your order through March 3, 2012!

I mentioned in my earlier post how provided some of the supplies for this segment. They even provided a discount code for my blog readers, and I failed to get it on my previous post! Be sure to visit and enter the 
discount code 'change' to offer 10% off the order for my readers
Here are just a few of their products to show:
First, who doesn't just love those stripe straws. I had them on my table to use as just straws, but couldn't help use them as food stands to display what each food item was! All I did was took a can lid from your average soup can. Put a little hot glue dot in the middle, and stuck the straw right on. Then attached my little nameplate (stampin up! die cut of course)! Thought they turned out extra cute!
Next was those darling Chevron Chip Bags. They are used for party favor bags, but I just cut off a little off the top and used them for chips. DISCLAIMER, if you use chips in them, be sure to put them in right before serving. The oils did seep through a little.

Last was those cute long candles! I thought they were super unique from the ones you find in the grocery store! Be sure to check out the segment on March 1 to see even more awesome products from Shop Sweet Lulu, and don't forget to use your coupon code for 10% off your order!
While we are displaying that cake, I just have to give another shout out to DIPPIDEE who was so kind to custom make this cake for the segment. The look was AMAZING, but the taste of the cake was what I couldn't get over! It was a Chocolate cake with cream cheese filling and it really did CHANGE MY LIFE! If anything, I don't think any bakery can beat the taste of Dippidee's cakes!
Be sure to look for the next cake on my next segment! I can't wait to see it!
Did you love the "Chevron inspired" balloon dart game?
Thanks to Pioneer Party who not only provided the awesome balloons for the game, but the cute displays to each side! Believe it or not, Dart's are not the easiest thing to find ... and you can find them at Pioneer Party! They ordered them in especially for me! (SO SWEET btw)

When putting together your balloon wall, I used a cork board that I wrapped in linen cloth. It made it really easy to use a push pin to put each balloon on. It really was much easier than I anticipated. I blew up the balloons the night before, put them in black garbage sacks, and easily recreated it in the Studio!
If you think these balloons are amazing, Just wait until March 1 to see what Pioneer Party has in store!

Do you see that "40" sign right below the balloons. SO simple to make. Just did a little newspaper wreath and hot glued the pieces behind the yellow circle. The "40" I cut out with my silhouette.

The newspaper Banner I cut out of newspaper (tried to keep just the words on the paper rather than pictures) and cut out the letters with my silhouette. The rope wasn't my favorite, but it is that nylon rope that any guy would find in his garage!

The lights I wanted to string across the studio, but because of space, & expense, I just wrapped them around the table. I think they turned out pretty fun, don't you?

The table I wrapped with black butcher paper, then put some metal fencing around. I think it gave it an extra masculine touch!

As I mentioned earlier, I made the little food signs and even put the utensils in tin cans and wrapped them with the same labels. 

Last, but the most important part is the FOOD!
The 7 Layer dip I put into little mason jars. My sister helped me make them since I was so slammed the night before. She found if you put the beans, sour cream, and guac in baggies and piped them into the jars, it made it much easier to get the look you're going for. You also don't need as much as you think you do of each layer. 
I am not really a drinker, (Okay so I haven't even drank alcohol, nor do I wish to) so I thought the IBC rootbeer and cream soda were the perfect look for any man. Tags printed and cut with a circle punch. Backed on Orange Cardstock.
 These were by far the easiest things to make, the most tasty for sweet and savory, and SO stinking cute! Got the idea for these here.
Put White chocolate chips in a baggie and melt in the microwave in 30 second increments until they melt. Cut a small corner off baggie, and pipe onto wax paper. Only pipe 5 at a time. Break a rod pretzel in half, and stick a yellow M&M on top. SO easy!!
 These Oreo parfaits were SO tasty and super easy. I got the little shot glasses at Party Land in Lehi. Made a chocolate cake mix, and put in crushed oreos to the dough. Put the dough into mini muffin tins. When cupcakes are done, let them cool and cut them in half. Put the lowest portion in the bottom of the cup, put in some chocolate pudding (jello cook & serve) Pipe the pudding in a baggie too! Can you tell I am into my baggies for piping? And follow the pudding with a mini oreo w/o the filling. A little  whipping cream (CAUTION be sure to pipe REAL whipping cream. I used the cans and they melted as you can see!) follow whipping cream by the rest of the cupcake, pudding, another oreo, and whipping cream. Cut more of those cute straws into 3rds and put them in cups. Top with another mini oreo! SO easy! 
 Mini Pigs in a blanket. Hillshire farms mini sausages and refrigerator crescent roll dough. EASY! Mustaches cut out on my silhouette and hot glued onto a toothpick, even EASIER!
 Sliders. I just got rolls from the bakery at Walmart, and the easy Lloyds' BBQ already cooked pork. EASY!!
 Who doesn't love wings? These are just from Walmart, but if this was a real party, I would get mine at Wingers!

WHEW! Lots and LOTS of details! 
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did designing it! I can't wait for March 1st to show you one more milestone party idea! Be sure to check back!

PLEASE EMAIL ME if you have questions, and comments are always appreciated!

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