Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Happy Valentines Day

I have to admit. I was expecting today to be terrible. It was the second year that Adam has had class on Valentines Day ... and although we went on a great date this last weekend to celebrate, I really was expecting my day to be like this:
{I have to admit Adam and I totally laughed when we took this picture}

But Adam really pulled out the stops today.

** DISCLAIMER ** Anyone who has ever known me has known that 20 out of the 31 Valentines days I have celebrated in my life have been TERRIBLE! So this is not a post to brag, or make anyone feel terrible ... it is only to say that I am grateful to have had a great day this year, and that is it :)

Adam went to Nordstrom Rack, picked out a shirt combo all on his own and gave it to me this morning. Then me and the boys decided to go have lunch with him in Salt Lake at Cafe Rio. For dinner my sister invited us over for a homemade pizza heart dinner with her family, and upon getting home was two dozen roses on my door step.

Today I realize that Valentines is more than romantic love. {Even though I have to admit, Adam really was super romantic without even being here} ... but I had a lot of time to realize that I have a lot of people that love me. I have two little boys who love me, and can't live without me. I have sisters, parents, and friends who care and love me. And most importantly I have a Father in Heaven who loves me.

Those realizations {okay and Adam too} Made this one of the best Valentines Days I have ever had. I hope you had something make you smile today too!

*** NOTE - Working on a great segment for Studio 5. Can't wait to post about it next Tuesday!

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