Sunday, January 15, 2012

Logo = Pizza Discount

About a year ago I worked on this logo for a dear friend of mine, that decided to start an awesome pizza company!We were both thrilled with how the logo turned out, and now the pizza company is open for business!

This weekend I got to try it, and let me tell you by my honest opinion ... IT WAS UNREAL!!

Here are some details about it for you (and a coupon code to order it for your family!) an online gourmet pizza company that is delivered directly to your door! Made fresh from scratch homemade pizza delivered from our home to yours on disposable pizza peels that allow you to bake it fresh on your own personal pizza stone . . . resulting in an amazing crispy bottom and golden chewy crust piping hot when you’re ready to eat.
Adam and I tried the Hawaiian, which is our favorite! It was wonderful ... especially with the fresh grated parmesan grated on top! Other varieties include:
BBQ Chicken
Alfredo Chicken
6 Cheese
Western Flare
Meat Lovers

Here are the details of how to order one for your family, and get a discount too!
First - They only deliver to Alpine, American Fork, Cedar Hills, North East Lehi, & Highland, Utah.
Second - Your order must be placed 24 hours in advance.
Third - Don't worry about tipping or cost for delivery! It is included in the cost, and they don't accept tips!
Fourth - Want $2.00 off your pizza? (including their pizza's on sale? Type "firstorder" in the promo code box online and it will discount their total.

I can say first hand, this is not even close to something you might get at somewhere like Papa Murphys! IT IS 10X better!
Be sure to support my sweet friend and enjoy!

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