Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Years ago I had a roommate that was entirely too excited about her birthday. There were reminders of it daily, how many hours count downs, and LOTS of birthday excitement. I wonder, why are we all not like this? It seems like each year I get more and more embarrassed when people wish me a happy birthday! Is it because I'm afraid to toot my own horn? Am I afraid to bring attention to myself? Are I seriously embarrassed that I am one year older? (because 30 is SO different than 31!)

So in honor of my awesome roommate ... HERE I GO!
(Super cute cake pict from etsy. Click here to see more cuteness!)
I am "31" and I am going to enjoy every minute of it!

(Maybe I will make myself this awesome birthday cake and sing to myself (since Adam won't get home until 10 tonight!))
CHEERS to being Happy about Birthdays!


Kristyn said...

Happy Birthday!

kelsey said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it is a great day!

Megan D said...

Happy Birthday! I vote for take out and a cake. Spoil yourself!

brenda said...

Happy Birthday - I hope you treat yourself today, you deserve it!!

reen said...

Happy Birthday!

Bridget Morelli said...

Happy Birthday - Spoil yourself...I'm a big believer of celebrating all birthdays !