Monday, October 3, 2011

Take two!

I got a phone call about a month ago from a new neighbor of ours, asking us if we wanted to join a group of neighbors on a "couples" retreat to Lake Powell. After talking to Adam, he just felt like with being reassigned a new job site, and busy with school, we just couldn't do it! I was SO bummed!

It wasn't until a couple weeks ago when Adam came home one evening and told me he was going to do everything he could to make it work! I was SO excited!

We left on Wednesday, and came back Saturday evening. Our Lake Powell trip we went on in August was fun, but you know, as well as I know, that with kids ... leaving home isn't necessarily a vacation. In fact, my sister calls leaving home with kids, a trip! Without kids, leaving home is a vacation!

Laughing so hard we cried, waterskiing / wakeboarding until our hands couldn't hold on any longer, hiking the hole in the rock, and getting to know new friends. It was such a great weekend! I felt like I was a kid again.
I needed such a physical break from mommyhood! And then was so uplifted by General Conference. This was such an amazing weekend ... hope yours was just as amazing!

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Lonnie and Lindsay Fox said...

Hey Mandy-
Remember me?! Lindsay Fox. How are you? I saw your blog and wanted to say hi. Also, wanted to ask how exactly you mounted your growth chart. I ordered one but dont want to stick in straight on the wall. I would love to keep in touch. Email when you get some time Hope all is well. Looks like you are LOVING life!! Good for you.