Friday, October 7, 2011

A "peary" awesome project, Q&A, and a giveaway!

It seems like the theme to this week has been pears! I picked up a huge box to can this week, and finished canning 20 jars yesterday.

And now a drumroll you have all been waiting for! I finally got my table topper back from being quilted! (I know, a little bit of a long anticipation on your part!)I am in LOVE with the Decadence pear fabric by Samantha Walker printed by Riley Blake, and I have wanted to use this pattern from Camille Roskelley's book Simple for awhile! I am very pleased with how it turned out! If you have never quilted before, this was a perfect starter project! I cut and pieced it in 2 hours, and it was REALLY simple!

And totally random ... a new "pair" of shoes! Just what this mommy needed ... a comfy pair of shoes to slip on and can pretty much wear with anything!

Last but not least, I have had a HUGE response to the Canvas I displayed on Studio 5! I thought I would give you some information and answer some questions if you're looking to design one yourself.

First - Belinda emailed me looking for steps to follow on how to make a a canvas on your own. I emailed Belinda back and thought I would share the same responses with you!

If you're wanting to take a stab it on your own ... here are some tips!

I find it easier to line up words in Illustrator, however this is definitely do-able in Photoshop.
* Only pick 2 fonts. I used Chalet Comprime (taller, skinner, with letters close together font). I also used Gotham. Use both Capitals and Lowercase in both fonts. I also find some free fonts I love to use together are garamond, and century gothic.
* I started by creating my document the size I want to have it printed in. Mine was 30" x 30". When you are finished, be sure to flatten all of your layers and change the document to a JPEG. This will make it so you can have it printed everywhere. I suggest Pro Digital Photos for printing your canvas because they have great quality and they are local. PLUS they are awesome to work with.
* Next I typed out individual words, in different type boxes. (This will make them easier to move around)
* I started in the left hand corner, and just played around with different sizes and fonts.
* By using "FREE TRANSFORM" (in my version of Photoshop it is Command-T or in the Edit menu). JUST BE SURE TO USE HOLD DOWN THE SHIFT KEY WHEN CHANGING THE SIZE. IT IS A NO NO NO to stretch the font or make it longer. You want all of the letters to look uniform, not stretched.
* Last, watch the spacing between the different type blocks. You want to create a similar margin between type, as well as make sure you use your guides to line all your type up so that it looks uniform.

If that explanation was FOREIGN to you, then I am available for hire!
If you're looking to have one designed just like this:Only with your own vacation words: I can do it for $50. (This does not include the printing)

If you want something more custom designed, then I charge anywhere from $75-100!

How did you mount your growth charts?
I mounted them on Masonry board (you can get it at lowes, and they will cut it for you there!)... painted it white, stuck the growth chart on. On Bryson's I mounted it again on a piece of ply wood, painted brown to give a 1" border, then nailed a claw picture hanger to the back!

Where did I get my top (the one I wore on the segment)?
BEST KEPT SECRET ... Seasons boutique in Sandy (just east of Southtown mall ... in the same parking lot as Nordstrom Rack)

What fonts did you use on your Subway Art?
Chalet Comprime, and Gotham

Questions about Paper Coterie:
Unfortunately I was in Lake Powell when the code wasn't working. If you tried to order something, and my code didn't work, please contact their customer service ... they might be able to help you out!

I decided it is time to give some service to my AWESOME followers! I decided to giveaway 1 canvas design to a lucky reader! That is right, I will custom design your canvas (square, just like the one shown on Studio 5). Unfortunately I can only give away the design, not the printing of the Canvas, but if you're interested in winning, Leave a comment with the most interesting place you have visited! Get a second chance at it by becoming a follower! Winner will be announced on Monday!


Mia said...

Hearst Castle in California!

Anonymous said...

Monaco! And the most interesting pace in Monaco was an aquarium/museum.

Allison M.

Downs Family said...

Jamaica! I love this canvas idea!! -Melissa D.

Jaimie said...

Czec Republic!! (crossing my fingers!) :)

Audra said...

Most interesting place I've visited is definitely Windsor Castle in England. Such rich history and detail! (this canvas would be the perfect addition to my gallery wall!)

Jennifer said...

The most interesting place I've visited is Greece. Thanks for the chance to win!

Kayla said...

I love it! great job on the typography!

Melanie Wyner said...

I would have to say Mazatlan, Mexico. We went zip lining in one of their jungles and the whole ride to get there was so sad/interesting. Lots of people with little children living in the smallest houses I've ever seen, in the jungle:( It made me want to take all the kids home with me!

Jess E said...

Hmmm, I lived in Sicily for two years, but vacationing in Costa Rica was eye opening and a reminder of our blessings. Love your blog!! Jess in CO

Andrea said...

I haven't been very many places, but my favorite has been Washington D.C. Love all the history there! And Arlington Cemetary was amazing!!

Maryn Taylor said...

Belize - a tropical paradise that's only a quick three hour jaunt from North Texas. Love that!

Also, I follow your blog. Thanks for the entry!