Thursday, February 10, 2011

I phone!

So i have been begging my Husband for an I phone for a few years. First we decided to wait until Verizon got the phone.
So Verizon got the phone...I was ready, however we thought we now have waited this long, why not wait until june and get the I phone 5.
So I just figured I would have to wait forever...that is until phone died last night.
So it just so happens that today was the day the stores started selling the phone at 7 am.
So I had no choice than to go in my jammies at 6:30 am and finally get my phone!
A little sad I won't be getting the l phone 5 but I am so extremely happy that I have it!

Since it is my first smart phone, I was hoping to get some hints on come cool apps. What are your favorites?


Michelle (from KY) said...

Girl, I have an IPos Touch, I couldn't live without it! Here are a few of my favorite apps:

-cardstar: you can keep all those frequent buyer card numbers right there, without carrying around all the cards!
-pageonce:to keep track of bills, accounts, etc.
-yahtzee:because I need to waste time while waiting in line-ha!

I'll be checking back to see what everyone else puts, have fun!

Chels said...

all recipes
PS express
movies (movie app! ROCKS)
angry birds :)
toddler teasers
First Words
iwrite words

and the LDS scripture app
Gospel Library

cassie d'ambrosio said...

I have verizon, too and was waiting. As a verizon customer we were able to to order one on the 3rd and it came on monday! I'm waiting for the iphone 5 for myself since I'm not eligible for an upgrade until July.

I love Pandora, Facebook, Bejeweled Blitz and the UPS app is great for tracking packages. There are SO many great apps. Angry Birds is fun if you like games.
I also like the app.

Cassie (from CKC Valley Forge last summer!)

Janelle Renee Perry said...

i love wheres wally. and kids that i babysit love it too!

kat78 said...

angry birds


hipstamatic camera




Sophia said...

You are so lucky, only able to get mine in Oct 2011, when I upgrade contract...

Julie said...

I have found my iphone to be fabulous in a pinch with my two year old son. Here are the apps I have found most helpful for him:

-monkey preschool lunchbox
-Duck, Duck, Moose games: Wheels on the Bus, Old Mac Donald, Park Math.
-He also likes Toddler Teasers "Shapes". That one is free. It's basic, but he loves it.

I also really loved playing Plants vs. Zombies. It's really a fun little game, but pretty addicting.