Sunday, February 6, 2011

Enjoying a Sunday ... Idea's Help!

Superbowl Party with the family (GREAT JOB GREEN BAY!)
Watching movies with Adam (RED)
Making Roast and Potatoes for dinner (YUM)
A great Sunday at Church (FAST SUNDAY)
Trying to decide on a dinner menu for this week ... Any ideas??

NEXT - Selling my Sillouette ... cause I got the new one. Email me if you're interested!
OH & My husband is wanting to sell his XBOX. Includes 3 Controllers, XBOX live camera, 5 games (Halo 3, Cabellas big hunt, Madden 10, Tiger Woods 10, a superhero game, and a race car game. We'll give ya a great deal! Fun present for your Valentine!

Bryson's 3rd Birthday is this week! (the 13th). Plus Valentines Day ... Looks like a fun filled week!
Any fun truck party ideas??


KristynG said...

Our 3rd birthday was a little more construction theme that just trucks but here are a few big hits!

we picked up a couple blow-up pools and filled them with 2 bags of sand each. I went to our local School & Carnival store and purchased the buckets with attached shovels in different colors and wrote the kids names on them. We loaded the sand pools with all of my son's trucks and the kids had a blast!

Tracy said...

Hi Mandy

I am looking for blades and a mat for that particular Silhouette model ... You don't by any chance have any you want to sell - just blades and mat ...

Many thanks.
Tracy G
gardinert @ telkomsa dot net

Amanda said...

Hi! I'm interested in the Silhouette!! Email me price and info please :) thanks!!

Josh said...

You can't be serious about the xbox? Kirsten got me a Wii for my birthday a few days ago or I would be all over that! Don't sell it that's some good stuff!