Saturday, December 11, 2010

On the 11th Day

Okay, so first a winner:

Amelia said...
Thanks for another chance to win!

Congratulations Amelia!

So for the 11th Day ...

I decided to use an idea I got on the Rachel Ray Show a few months back. A guy named Jim came on the show with his daughter Allie to show people how to make these darling pancakes. (Here is a link to his blog: click here)
I was SO impressed by the segment that I thought I would try it. Here is the the link to the segment!
So first I purchased these bottles at my local Bed Bath and Beyond.Next I tried my best to make them look like above, and I was somewhat successful, but not as great as he is by ANY means!So I thought I would share a few tips, just in case you want to try it too!

Give yourself PLENTY of time, especially on your first try. I told my boys we were making pancakes, and they got REALLY impatient with me cause I was taking too long!
I just used Bisquick. Make a bigger batch than you normally make. I usually like to make Whole Wheat pancakes for my boys, but I thought, hey today is a fun day right?
I also just used regular food coloring. I thought his idea to use all natural coloring is a great idea though.
BE SURE TO BLEND your pancake mixture REALLY good. Those lumps are a pain in the neck!
Only fill your bottles 3/4 full. The mixture grows as it sits!
Cook on a well med-low heated griddle. It allows the pancakes to cook slowly and not burn :) learned the hard way!
Fill in the border once it sits for a minute. Don't try to turn the border. It is a pain in the neck and my pancakes didn't turn out as well as they did when I filled them in!

Altogether, we had a fun time and the boys loved the pancakes (That includes Adam too!)

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Heather said...

I have natural red coloring anytime you need it.