Friday, December 10, 2010

On the 10th Day

With so many fun events the past couple of weeks, I chose to end this week by reading something to my children that is very important to me. It is called "The Living Christ"This statement, along with the picture above hangs in our home. The statement professes my belief in Jesus Christ and is written by the Prophet of the LDS church and his 12 apostles.
{Just like the same church that existed in the New Testament}.

I get excited, as does everyone else does about this time of the year with so many fun crafty fun things going on. However the most important reasoning for celebrating Christmas lies within it's name ... and that is Christ. I wanted to share my love for the Savior with my two small boys. Although they are young, it is never too early to tell them the stories of Jesus. Regardless of our different beliefs, I felt it important to share the statement tonight. If you would like to read it ... click here

I know he lives! I know he is my Savior, that he atoned for my sins. I know that if we do all we can to follow him, that we will get to live with him again someday.
Merry Christmas

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