Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pro Digital Photo Op!

I can't believe how many opportunities that have risen since my fun Studio 5 segment. In fact, I was able to come into contact with a great company in Utah ... Pleasant Grove to be specific. It is called PRO DIGITAL PHOTO'S. There were a few things that really got me excited about this company.

First - Their awesome unique die cut cards. And if you ask me, their prices were pretty accurate, and even better than most websites. You can upgrade to fabulous pearlesant paper too!

Second - THEIR AMAZING PRICES! SERIOUSLY! They were seriously almost $.50 cheaper per card than a website I was looking to have my cards printed at. I was amazed.

Third - They have DARLING pre-designed templates that you can have your cards printed on. You can do folded cards, die cut cards, two sided cards, YOU NAME IT! Here were a few of my favorites:

Fourth - You can design your own Christmas Card (Like I already did) and upload it to their website and have them print it for a FRACTION of the cost of other companies! Click here to go to pricing. This got me SEVERELY excited ... considering I have already done all the work on my own card :)

Fifth - They are having a SALE! If you order the cards by Nov. 24th - You get a 15% off discount. If you order the cards between November 24-30, you will get 10% off of your cards. Just plug in the coupon code "earlybird" at checkout!

I am so very very excited about this, and hope you are too! Be sure to visit their website : www.prodigitalphotos.com I can't wait to get my cards back, because they are going to look AWESOME!!

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Wendy said...

Just saw your beautiful tags over on AC Studio's blog...love the color combo!