Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thank you!

In thank you to all you amazing folks that voted for me ... I have FINALLY picked a winner :

amyp said...
Voted and refreshed 4 times!! Great video, Hope you win!!! Good Luck!!

I assume your name is Amy :)

Email me with your address and I will get you some goods!!

Again, I can not express to each one of you how grateful I am for your support. I wish I could just send you all a little package of goodies. I think Adam would kill me :) Don't worry, there will always be another contest of some sort!



Chocolate Mousie said...

Congrats to AmyP and I didn't even know there was a contest for voting for you. I forget whose blog it was, but they said you were in the running for a contest and I headed straight on over to vote for you. :)

Nikkala said...

Hey Mandy, just wanted to let you know you were one of the stitchery winners on If you'll email us your info we will get them mailed to you!