Monday, September 27, 2010

And the winner is:

Terri Cook from Cedar City! CONGRATULATIONS! Looks like I tied for 2nd place. I am so thrilled to have even been a finalist ... and hope that maybe some day I can be on that FABULOUS show!!

ALL I HAVE TO SAY is THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY much from the deepest part of my heart. I can't believe the awesome people that pulled through and voted for a just a funny little contest. I can't imagine the support I would have, had it been something of more importance than a contest. I am truly blessed regardless of what happened. Thank you all who have supported me this past week!

Canning Salsa today with my sisters. I will be sure to do the Giveaway results as soon as I can! Thanks so very much!

1 comment:

Chocolate Mousie said...

Here's hoping you got some more last minute votes. You are a very nice person (met you, so I know it's true) and a great designer, so you should win IMHO. I voted for you! :)