Thursday, June 3, 2010

One Year

So you wonder, why has Mandy not updated her blog?? Well a Birthday on Tuesday and a First Birthday today might have something to do with it!
My sweet husband is 31! On Tuesday me and the boys went and got Balloons and some Smart Cookies to take to him at work. Followed by a delicious (if I can say so myself) dinner. I made roasted red pepper - Bow tie pasta. Followed by a babysitter and the movie Prince of Persia. I have to tell you, I TOTALLY didn't want to see this movie, but I LOVED it and would recommend it to anyone! It was Fab!

So then today was the preparations for the big "FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY"! First was the invitation:Next was the cake and decorations. The theme of the party all started with the letter "C". The "CAKE" followed by some "Cupcakes" followed by "Cars" followed by "Cookies", and the decor all had "c"'s on it!. YES I actually made the cake myself. I wasn't going to take on the challenge, but I did it. It took all day long! First was the cakes ... then there was the strawberry-cool whip filling. Next was the whipped cream frosting. And last but not least, the Marshmallow Fontdant for the cars and little colorful balls. You can click "here" for the recipe. It was actually pretty easy ... just time consuming.
I can't believe my little boy is already 1 year old. It was such a great birthday ... and now off to bed ... It was a great day, but an exhausting one for this mommy of two!
Niiiiiii-ght (as Bryson would say)

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Heather and Doug Marchant said...

Way to go on the cake lady! That looks great.