Friday, April 2, 2010

What a Friday!

My office needs a serious cleaning. Can you say TOO MANY PROJECTS? I am so excited for the LDS General Conference** this weekend to help me get caught up!
** A bi-annual world conference of the Church, held in April and October, where members gather for five two-hour sessions to listen to instruction from Church leaders. General conference is broadcast via satellite from the Conference Center at Church Headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah

I went outside today to get rid of that wonderful diaper full of spring "surprises" that Bryson gave me :) and saw the beautiful green leafs, popping up through the bark. The sun was shining, and for a split second I thought AHHHHH I think I can make it! Winter is almost over! Does it seem like Winter has been SO long this year?

All was great and wonderful, until I went to open the door to come back inside, and to my pleasant surprise, Bryson DEADBOLTED me out of the house. I ran around, wondering WHAT in the heck am I going to do. Luckily I found a window unlocked and was able to climb through. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This terrible two year old thing is really going to do me in!

On a lighter note, I was asked to do a post for the Creating Keepsakes Blog ... and created two fun Easter projects to get us all excited for this upcoming Sunday! Be sure to check it out for a fun ribbon tip!

And last but not least, I saw a segment on the hit lifestyle TV show they have on at 11:00 am everyday in Utah called Studio 5. They made these DARLING flower balls out of crate paper and I fell in love with the idea. Instead of hanging them, I decided to go and get clay pots, paint them, and use one of the branches from the spring pruning that was recently done in our yard. I do have to say that it took longer than I was hoping, but the outcome I was SO excited about. I do need some ribbon to finish it off, and I am doing a smaller topiary to match, but haven't finished it yet! I figured if I don't show you now, Spring might be over and it won't be as fun. Be sure to check out the segment


Jaimie said...

haha! Ooooh that Bryson. Maybe the winter seemed so long because you were spoiled in Page with our 'winter' ;)

alicia said...

Thanks for sharing your not so perfect moments and your great crafty ideas. How are you? I often wonder how things are now. Your story really touched me.