Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lots of UPDATES!

LOOK AT ME! Here I do SO well for a few weeks and then over a week passes by and I haven't updated you. WELL, get ready for some GREAT stuff folks, cause I have been thinking of lots of stuff:


On Valentines Day, we decided to do the whole candle and cake thing for Bryson. (his birthday is on the 13th if you didn't already see from the previous post). We were going to do the whole "party" on his Birthday, but everyone was celebrating Valentines Day early, and so were we! So on Sunday we invited family over and had a little construction party. It really only consisted of some construction attire and cutting cake, but Bryson though it was FABULOUS!

So the whole construction thing was inspired by the cake I made. I found it online at
You have to know one thing about me ... I love creativity, and will pretty much try anything, but cake decorating is one thing that has always intimidated me. THIS WAS SO EASY and I would recommend this cake to anyone who feels the same way I do! We did make a Texas Sheet cake to "feed the crowd" ... and honestly, that went over really well. The Excavator cake was really just for the fun, and not the best tasting ... but I am not a big "pound cake" fan.Bryson's cousins came, and he even got to open a few more presents! He just loved the construction party hats and playing with his new toys. It turned out perfect, from the "caution" tape crate paper, to the hats and yellow and orange balloons ... it was exactly what I had pictured!

SECOND ... I wanted to tell you about Valentines Day.

SO I decided to make Adam and my boys Valentines to tell them how much I love them. Although I know Chad can't eat anything fun, and Bryson really doesn't get it, theirs weren't as extravagant as the one that "me and the boys" wink wink made for Adam. (for the boy's valentines I used paper from Doodlebug Design, and for Adam's valentine I used the new love paper from Pebbles Inc).

Last year I did a photo shoot of Bryson, so I thought I would keep the tradition going. I thought there pictures turned out extra cute, but HEY I am a bit partial.

I feel TERRIBLE! I always take a picture of the roses that Adam got me, and I didn't get a picture of them this year. He gave me a dozen red roses (which are my favorite) and a gift card to go and get a massage! I am SO stoked! He is the greatest husband ever.

We had some yummy monkey bread for Breakfast. Then while I got ready, Adam was reading his book and Bryson wanted to join in. Do you remember how Bryson was so excited about reading scriptures a few posts ago? Well ... my sister-in-law Sara picked him up a tiny Book of Mormon for his birthday ... so he opened it up and went to read his book next to daddy. It was SO cute! Next we went to church (where Bryson knocked his head on the pugh in front of us right during a piano solo. It was quite the battle wound! So much for two year old pictures for a couple weeks :). Then we invited my parents for a Valentines Dinner since they were coming out for the "birthday party" anyway. It was a GREAT Valentines day.

I went into CK this week to talk about a few upcoming things, and they gave me permission to Post the pages I turned in that won me the award of Creating Keepsakes Scrapbooker of the Year award! SWEET HUH! So in the next week or so I will be posting them. Be sure to check back!
Hope you're having a FANTASTIC day!


Leslie said...

You are such fun to visit! From your cute little family to your own personal trials I am inspired. So glad to hear you are doing well. Can't wait to see your scrapbooking pages.

Leslie said...

Oh yeah, my birthday is February 13th, too. As a girl, I kinda get ripped off on Valentine's, but I love being a Valentine's baby.

lys said...

I made that same digger cake a few years ago for Britain's birthday!

Maggie said...

Cute as can be!! love to you all

lizbonj said...

Can't wait to see!