Saturday, February 13, 2010

He changed my life!

Two years ago today ...

I traveled to my appointment to turn you around so you would come out correctly.

We tried, but you sure didn't like it!

20 Minutes later, and an emergency C-Section, you joined our family.

You have been a joy in our lives and it was worth every minute, and two years we had to wait to get you.

The last 2 years has been one crazy ride for both of us. But I do know one thing, we had SO much fun doing it!

I love you Bryson ... you are my light of my life and remind me of the reason's why I love being a mommy!


Rhona said...

Hope you had a great birthday yesterday Bryson!
He really is the cutest little boy, I'm not surprised you love him to bits!

Cindy said...

Happy birthday Bryson! He's adorable. My little boy was breech too, and his ECV failed as well. Thank goodness for modern medicine and the safety of c-sections.

lys said...

I love your nine months of pics in the same outfit. (Wish I had thought of that! Too late now!) I hope that Bryson had a great birthday. Looks like you ended up finding a train table for him! Hope he loves it.

Tabitha said...

Awww! Happy Birthday to little Bryson! It truly is amazing (and wonderful) how much they can change your life, isn't it?
I love your Nine Months layout-it makes me wish I had more pics taken of my belly when I was pregnant with my kiddos. I have learned, however, and the surro-daugher that I'm currently pregnant with will have plenty of pics of how she grew before she was born. Better late than never I guess!

waline family said...

that is a really cute scrapbook insert with your belly pics! i may have to do that with my next child :) bryson is def looking more and more like his dad everyday!

Jana said...

Perfect! You always say things so well. He is absolutely adorable! I really wish I would have come by to see your two little ones over the break. Next time! :) Love and miss you Dudley.