Thursday, March 12, 2009


I had Ada write the question

"The fabulous board with clipboards in the corner of your photo. I use clipboards all the time to keep organized and portability. Please please explain how you made this. I have given attempt before but it wasn't as "solid" as I wanted for long term & continual use."

Well, Ada, I bought some really cheap clipboards from Office Max, painted them black, and used Mod Podge to attach some cute polka dot paper from chatterbox. They were REALLY quick to make.

So now you ask, what do you used them for. WELL, since I work for AC, CK, and have LOTS going on serving in the Young Women's organization for my church, I have LOTS of things to keep track of. I attach things I don't want to get lost on my desk to the clipboards and make sure to check them frequently. Some of those things I attach would be flight itineraries, assignments, etc.
Now for a few more details about "the board"
I am also a HUGE to do list person ... so I made myself a little note pad, so I can continutally make "to do lists" until my heart is content! I also wanted to display pictures of the most important people in my life, and that is my family. It helps me keep the perspective of what I REALLY need to continually focus on.

I would also love to share how I came across this board. The board is a TOTAL makeshift, my friends. All it is is a LARGE cork board that I bought in college.
I attached boards to the back of it, and wrapped some linen canvas with tacks. Thanks to the idea help from Martha Stewart, I think it looks SO much better than that nasty board.

So there you have it. Be sure to post more questions as I continue my office posts!


Scrapper Mom said...

The space is looking great and I'm going to be checking back to peek in on your maternity swimsuit ideas, b/c I'm going to be needing one myself...not for Hawaii, but we are planning a trip to the beach this summer...

The Dowell Family said...

Okay, here is my question. I have a two year old boy and he is into EVERYTHING! How, since you said your scrapping stuff was in Bryson's room, do you keep him out of everything??

I would really appreciate your help and advice!


Lindsay Bateman said...

I absolutely ADORE your inspiring!:)Great post.:)

Val said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this board....perfect for all of my lists!!

bbtmg said...

I love your scrapbook area - I was inspired (before I got my April CK magazine and saw your area) to clean up my space when I re-found last Octobers CK issue with closet organization article. Took a few days (and I still have to go back and purge) but I put lots of my supplies in my closet and I think I'm loving it -
I also am starting on the birthday card reminder calendar book that I saw on your blog - Thanks for all the inspiration.


Val said...

What did you use to hang the clipboards?? And how did you make it strong enough for their weight??

lys said...

Please come organize my office. Please? ;)

Jenn said...

How did you attach the wood to the cork? Nails? Sorry, seems obvious but I wasn't sure if you used wood glue or nails.

Renae said...

I'm loving your simple little calendar...can you share where you got that idea or where you had it made? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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