Tuesday, March 10, 2009

April CK

So I have had a few people comment on the article about my office in the April issue of CK. I would love to share more about it with you all!
When I found out that CK was going to come and take pictures of my office ... I had a SEVERE panic attack, because to be quite truthful ... this is what my office looked like:

YES ... I am a real person with a 15 year old desk, and a cart table! I had tried for a while to talk my husband into getting another desk, but he refused ... UNTIL I actually had an excuse to get a new one! HA HA!!!
(If fact, it was pay day when he saw the article and said, "Yeah, the new desk really does look better doesn't it?)
SO I will start you on my road of how I came to my office looking like it did in the April issue of CK.

I don't like having a lot of things out on my desk and being shown. I like my scrapbook supplies hidden away so that no one can see them, and I can feel like my room can be clean for when guests come. (YES, not only is it an office, but it is Bryson's bedroom and I also use this room for guests and put an air mattress up. You would be SHOCKED of how well it works!)

One thing that didn't change much when I got my new desk was my closet.
When I first got married, I bought these cubes from Target. They were $9.99 a piece and I bought them as I had the funds. They were perfect for organization. As I said above, I don't like my scrapbook supplies displayed where people can see them, so they are shut away in my closet. Since my office reorganization, I have gone through my shelves and gotten rid of a TON, but it still looks a lot the same. (I am planning on showing you my organizing strategies, shelf by shelf in the next couple of days. Maybe some of my organizing ideas will give you some ideas too!)

I know you can get the similar look of these cubes at Ikea.

So I will continue with my "desk" search. When I worked for American Crafts we had desks from Ikea that I loved. They weren't too expensive, so I thought that we would start at IKEA. I put together an office plan with one of Ikea's awesome employee's and by the time I had finished ... we were looking at around $1200 for my ideal Ikea workspace. Adam and I looked at each other and said, "lets think about it". We were also worried about how we were going to get the whole desk to Page, since we only have a small SUV.

The following weekend we went to St. George for the weekend and went to a furniture store called Boulevard Home Furnishings. We found this BEAUTIFUL black desk and thought ... THAT WILL BE PERFECT! To be honest, it was about the same price as my ideal ikea desk and MUCH higher quality. The only thing I would change is the color. Although I LOVE black, it gets REALLY dusty and you can see scratches easily.

For $50 they delivered it and set it up! It was SO worth it. Then I spray painted my two filing cabinets and had the lumber store cut a piece of wood to create a desk covering on top.

So there is my start on how it all happened. Stay tuned in the next couple of days for MORE details ... OH and if you have any questions, be sure to drop me a note. I would be happy to answer them!


Jaimie said...

looks great mandy! You're so creative!

Danny and Janneke said...

Thank you for sharing! Although some day I want to have a space dedicated to my hobby, it's quite difficult with raising a family as well! Thank you for sharing your secret and letting us know that you don't have to have the cutest scrap room to be creative!

csewy said...

Your office looks great...I had seen your article in the April CK and marked the page for storage ideas!! Thanks for sharing!

ada said...

ok, so this just makes me so happy. B/C I totally live with a tiny house, lots of kids & shared rooms. Meaning my rooms need to be more than just one person or tasks space. And to see the reality of what you had just makes me feel so much more REAL! I love all the studios/offices/attics that people share but most of us have no chance of that. What you did with it was GREAT. Love it.

Here's my questions: The fabulous board with clipboards in the corner of your photo. I use clipboards all the time to keep organized and portability. Please please explain how you made this. I have given attempt before but it wasn't as "solid" as I wanted for long term & continual use.

thanks so much for sharing the "whole truth" of your office. Can we see the kiddo side too? Where's #2 going? :)
(not sure if it will make you feel better, but I have 5 kiddos and 1300 sq feet)

Christy Marshall said...

That looks so good and I love the inspiration/project board you put up. I have just finished a room in my basement to use as a studio/office and I am using make shift stuff currently and always looking for good ideas on furniture, storage, decor., etc.
Good job!

Momma Martin said...

Thanks for sharing! My current scrap space is in a corner of the play room. Definitely not ideal but I'm thankful for my little corner. I was very inspired by your storage ideas ~ thanks for sharing.

Kelsey said...

Thanks so much for all letting us in on all the little secrets! I was just asking my hubs if it would work to spray paint our filing cabinet...now that I know you did, I feel much better about attempting that!

Totally love your space. And love that it's *real*. My space is shared by a queen guest bed...and all the other junk in the house we don't know what to do with!

BTW, reading some of your past posts and love that Landen was one of your 'names'. That was the name we gave our first baby, who was only with us a little while. It is such a cute name. I love when I hear it....