Saturday, February 7, 2009


She finally came and gave Bryson his two front teeth! YIPPEE! Hopefully we can start getting more sleep around here!


Jaimie said...

oh that Bryson! Such a cutie!!

Alicia said...

Hi Mandy!
It's Alicia from Iowa. Love your blog. Your little one is such a cutie!

Just wanted you to know that your YW organization looks amazing! Page might be a challenging place to live in some respects, but it appears that at least you have a pretty big ward. We are a small struggling ward here and only have a few youth. I want more for my children. I wish they could have lots of friends that are members. I can't believe your YW president too!

Your advent book is such an awesome idea. You are so talented!! If I ever get done with my current projects I'm gonna try it.

And it looks like the CHA convention was a fun, memorable experience. You are so lucky to have opportunities like that.

You are very inspirational.

Take care!!

Mindy said...

I feel your pain all too well.. tylenol then motrin.. life-savers!!

lys said...

What a cute shot. I love his eyelashes. Adorable.

Also, I'm in love with your advent calendar. If only I were 1/3 as crafty as you are!