Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful holiday break we have had.

We drove to Orem, Utah to my families house on Christmas Eve. Right as we arrived, we unloaded as fast as we could so we could head to my sister's house to go sledding! We only went down the hill a few times, and then figured it was a little cold for Bryson.
Following sledding we had soup and scones, destroyed our annual pinata, and decorated sugar cookies. It was a wonderful evening. (We took some awesome picts and I can't wait to scrapbook a few of them!)

We drove back to my parents house, put Bryson down, and then prepared for Christmas morning. Bryson was like any 10 month old and enjoyed playing with all the ribbons off the packages more than his toys.We had a wonderful Christmas breakfast and drove around to some of our siblings homes to see what they received for Christmas and then home to finish our annual family slideshow of pictures we all took through the year. Christmas night we got together once again for a great dinner of Ham and Funeral Potatoes. {I know you are wondering, what are funeral potatoes? Feel free to click on the link to grab a recipe. They are a great tradition in Utah culture!} We also got to watch our slideshow and even a few previous years of our slideshows that we have done in the past. We have been doing this slideshow for almost 20 years in my family.

The holiday season has been wonderful. Adam and I even got to go skiing! (yes, four months pregnant ... I just couldn't go another year without skiing!)

Adam took a day and went snowmobiling with my sister's family, (bouncing on a snowmobile isn't the best thing for your unborn child. We also have spent many evenings going out to dinner, seeing a few movies, relaxing, shopping and enjoying Adam's time off while we can.

We head back to Arizona on Saturday hoping to miss yet another snow storm. As much fun as it is to visit family and be on vacation we are looking forward to getting back to life and starting out the new year with a boom!


Drew and Michele said...

Hey Mandy
its Michele from pebbles days!! So good to see your cute little family. Congrats on everything!!! You are amazing!!

Joelswife said...

Congratulations on your pregnancy.....cute card idea!

Tai said...

Congrats on being pregos. I am so excited for you and somewhat jealous at the same time. I have been trying to convince Mike we need to have another one for some time... no such luck yet!! Can't wait to see what you are having!!